Intro Pharm Ch 10

  1. When do you use and adult Nomogram?
    • if childs weight is more than 65 lbs or
    • height more than 3 ft tall
  2. Pediatric IV meds
    IVPB meds
    calculated in mg/ kg

    administered in a small amount of diluent
  3. Buretrols
    for pediatric IV fluid - hold only 100 to 150 ml at a time - reduce possibility of fluid overloat

    only hold hour worth of IV fluid - Nurse must check back every hour to make sure child is recieving correct amount of fluid

    For meds in small amount of fluid - drug will fill the tubing from buretrol to patient - Nurse must add IV flush of 20 mL to the Buretrol after meds to ensure patient recieves whole dose
  4. Guidelines for Continuous IV Meds (pediatric)
    • 1. Base continouse IV doasges in weight in kg
    • 2. Always use an infusion pump and/ or volume control sets
    • 3. Use small bags to prevent fluid overload
    • 4. Follow institutional requirements for continuous IV infusions
    • 5. Determine safe dosage by consulting pediatric text or drug reference
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