1. Performance Monitoring is...
    a basis for measuring how fast application and system tasks are completed on a computer.
  2. Reliability Monitoring is....
    A basis for measuring system operation. How reliable a system is will be based on whether it regularly operates at the level at which it was designed to perform.
  3. The three components noted in Performance Monitor, Data Collector Sets, and Reports are as follows:
    • Object
    • Counter
    • Instances
  4. Object
    Components contained in a system are grouped into objects. Objects are grouped according to system functionality or by association within the system. Objects can represent logical entities such as memory or a physical mechanism such as a hard disk drive. The number of objects available in a system depends on the configuration. For example, if Microsoft Exchange Server is installed on a server, some objects pertaining to Exchange would be available.
  5. Counter
    Counters are subsets of objects. Counters typically provide more detailed information for an object such as queue length or throughput for an object. The System Monitor can collect data through the counters and display it in either a graphical format or a text log format.
  6. Instances
    If a server has more than one similar object, each one is considered an instance. For example, a server with multiple processors has individual counters for each instance of the processor. Counters with multiple instances also have an instance for the combined data collected for the instances.
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