1. a
    /ə/, about, between ah and uh, ad is pronounced almost like "odd"
  2. e
    /e/, get or bed
  3. i
    /ɪ/, hit, pin, in
  4. i
    (Before vowel and not accented) /j/, Y as in yes
  5. o
    /ɒ/, on, cot
  6. u
    /ʊ/, put, foot
  7. ā
    /ɑ:/, father
  8. ē
    Sounds an A saying its name
  9. ī
    Sounds an E saying its name, /ɪ:/, eat
  10. ō
    Sounds an O saying its name, /əʊ/, clover
  11. ae
    (Diphthong) sounds I sayings its name, /aɪ/, aisle
  12. au
    (Diphthong) /aʊ/, brown, how
  13. oe
    (Diphthong) /ɔɪ/, oil, boy
  14. ou
    (Diphthong) oo
  15. ui
    (Diphthong) we
  16. bs
    (At the end of word) the B sounds a P
  17. bt
    (At the end of a word) the B sounds a P
  18. ch
    /k/, pronounced separately as in archaic, not like in church
  19. gn
    hangnail, sing now
  20. ph
    up hill, never sounds an F in philosophy
  21. th
    Pronounced separately as in pot hole, never like this or theater
  22. c
    /k/, always hard as in cat
  23. g
    /g/, always hard as in get, never soft like adage
  24. r
    Rolled like in the Spanish and Italian languages
  25. s
    Always voiceless as in see, never voiced as in ease
  26. v
    /w/, equivalent to an English W, never sounding an English V (sounds U as a consonant), some texts will write the "v" as a "u" when it serves as a vowel
  27. x
    Equivalent to an English Ks as in box, never like exert
  28. j
    Sounds a Latin i
  29. (y)
    Rarely exists in Latin except in words borrowed from Greek
  30. (z)
    Rarely exists in Latin except in words borrowed from Greek
Card Set
Pronunciation of the Latin letters/diphthongs that are different from English pronunciation.