Invert 2 vocab

  1. Aboral Surface
    • surface away from mouth
    • "Ab" = away
    • "Oral" = mouth
  2. Cardiac Stomach
    • lower (oral) portion of stomach in starfish
    • may stick out during feeding
  3. Chitin
    • the organic component of arthropod exoskeleton
    • consists of complex, nitrogen-containing polysaccharide
  4. Cocoon
    protective covering to protect pupa in arthropods or eggs in annelds
  5. Compound Eye
    made up of many units (ommatidia in arthropods)
  6. Digestive Caeca
    • found in anterior portion of midgut
    • secrete digestive juices
  7. Dioecious
    • having separate sexes
    • one has male reproductive system, another has a female repro system
  8. Endoskeleton
    • skeleton covered by other soft body tissues
    • in contrast with exoskeleton found in animals like arthropods
  9. Foregut
    • In crayfish
    • consists of mouth, esophagus, and 2 chambered stomach
  10. Ganglion
    aggregation of neuron cell bodies
  11. Gastric Mill
    grinding structure found w/in stomachs of crustaceans
  12. Gastrolith
    • Storage structure
    • contains high lvls of calcium
  13. Gizzard
    portion of foregut that contains chitinized teeth to grind food
  14. Gonads
    organ that produces sex cells in aminals
  15. Hemimetabolous
    • life cycle where egg hatches into organism simliar to adult
    • implies absence of a dramatic metamorphosis
  16. Hemolymph
    fluid found w/in organism w/ open circulatory system
  17. Hemocoel
    • Sinus or space filled with blood
    • not a true coelom
  18. Hepatic Caeca
    • Found in starfish - aka pyloric or digestive caeca
    • most digestion and absorption of food occurs here
  19. Hermaphrodite
    • having both male and female reproductive systems in same individual
    • aka monoecious
  20. Homoteabolous
    • life cycle where egg hatches into organisms very different from adult
    • called indirect to emphasize presence of dramatic metamorphosis
  21. Larva
    immature stage of vertebrate which differs greatly from adult
  22. Madreporite
    • Sieve like opening to water-vascular system of starfish
    • perforated by small holes which are lined with cilia
  23. Malpighian Tubles
    a type of protonephridium found in insects
  24. Molting
    Process of shedding all or part of outer covering
  25. Ommatidium
    one of many units (up to 20,000) in the compound eye of arthropods
  26. Pupa
    encased developmental stage that intervenes between larva and adult in homometabolous insects
  27. Pericardium
    In arthropods, the sinus around the heart
  28. Pyloric Stomach
    Upper (aboral) portion of stomach in starfish
  29. Rectum
    terminal portion of gut which ends at the anus
  30. Somite
    a segment
  31. Spiracle
    • Hole in integument for air to enter the trachea
    • found on either side of first 7-8 abdominal segments
  32. Swimmerets
    • Small paired appendages
    • located on ventral surface of abdomen of crustacean
    • used for swimming or reproduction
  33. Trachea
    • Silvery tubules as seen in dissections
    • extend from spiracle and becomes finely branched tracheoles
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