Nervous system

  1. The organs of _______ _____ as a whole include the brain and spinal cord.
    Nervous system
  2. Because the brain and spinal cord occupy a midline or central location in the body, they are together called:
    The central nervous system or CNS
  3. The usual designation for the nerves of the body is the ______ ________ ______.
    peripheral nervous system or PNS
  4. a subdivision of the peripheal nervous system, called the _______ ______ _____ consists of structures that regulate the body's autonomic or involountary functions
    autonomic nervous system or ANS
  5. The two types of cell found in the nervous system are called _____ and _____, whuch are specialized connective tissue cells.
    • neurons (or nerve cells)
    • Glia
  6. Each neuron consists of three parts:
    • cell body
    • dendrites
    • axon
  7. sensory neurons are also called:
    afferent neurons
  8. Motor neurons are called
    efferent neurons
  9. Interneurons are sometimes called:
    central or connecting neurons
  10. ______ _____ transmit impulses to the spinal cord from all parts of the body
    sensory neurons
  11. ______ _______ transmit impulses away from the brain and spinal cord
    Motor neurons
  12. _______ conduct impulses from sensory neurons to motor nuerons.
  13. The _____ ______ is an enlarged, upward extension of the spinal cord
    medulla oblongata
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