1. Quenchua, Aymara
    Incan people and culture
  2. Mestizo
    Mestizo is a term traditionally used in Latin America and Spain for people of mixed European and Native American heritage or descent
  3. EL Condor Pasa
    most famous Andean song
  4. Los Jairas
    folk music band from Bolivia. They have worked with Los Condores. Their work features the charango, a stringed instrument from Bolivia
  5. yaravi
    plaintive Indian song; ballad of precontact origins (1)
  6. huayno
    native andean dance; music genre of song (2)
  7. fuga
    escape, fast;end section of huayno
  8. quena
  9. siku/zamponas
  10. sikuri
    a musical style from Peru and Bolivia, the kind of huayño, consisting of siku players and drum accompaniment.
  11. charango
    a small Andean stringed instrument of the lute family, about 66 cm long, traditionally made with the shell of the back of an armadillo
  12. tinya
    The Tinya is a percussion instrument, a small hand-made drum of leather which is used in the traditional music of the Andean region
  13. Nueva cancion
    new song
  14. Inti-Illimani
    musical group copying Andean music
  15. Quilapayun
    Quilapayún are an instrumental and vocal folk music group from Chile and among the longest lasting and most influential exponents of the Nueva Canción
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