Expansion/American Revolution

  1. Man who helped Latin American countries gain their independence
    Simon Bolivar
  2. Last place in Spain occupied by Moors
  3. Muslim palace in Granada, Spain
    Alhambre Palace
  4. Small strip of water between Europe and Africa
    Strait of Gibraltar
  5. Rebirth of culture, trade, cities, and society in Europe
  6. Country that's quickest to regain power after 700 Years War
  7. Member of Portuguese family and his contribution to Expansion
    • Prince Henry the Navigator
    • Established a school to train sea captains
  8. Portuguese captain who reached the Cape of Good Hope
    Bartholomew Diaz
  9. Portuguese captain who reached India
    Vasco De Guiana
  10. Portuguese captain who reached the coast of Brazil
    Pedro Cabral
  11. Movement under King Henry the 8th with Martin Luther at the head
    Protestant Reformation
  12. Established in 1494 to separate the world between France and Spain
    Line of Demarcation
  13. Spain's established this headquarter in America around 1510
    Havana, Cuba
  14. This captain crossed the Isthmus of Panama in 1513 to reach the Pacific Ocean
    Captain Balboa
  15. Hernando Cortez
    • Spanish explorer who went into Mexico in 1519
    • Discovered and captured the Aztec civilization
    • Found vast amounts of gold
  16. Sante Fe, New Mexico
    Established by Spanish in 1610 as a ranching community
  17. Two items Spanish traded to Indians that made them fierce and able to fight off Europeans
    • Rifles
    • Horses
  18. Fierce Indians associated with sheep
    • Navajo
    • Apache
  19. Cash crop in Caribbean islands that stimulates the trade of slaves
    Sugar Cain
  20. Spanish Conquistador who conquers the Incan civilization
    Francisco Pizarro
  21. Two land forms that keep Portuguese and Spanish apart in South America
    • Andes Mountain Range
    • Amazon Rain Forrest
  22. People used for slave labor by Spanish?
    by Portuguese?
    • Spanish used Indians
    • Portuguese used Africans
  23. King of a foreign nation elected by king of mother country
    Vice Roy
  24. Name for a ship that went from Spain to Manilla
    Manilla Galleon
  25. Pure blood Spanish born in America
  26. Name for a person born on the peninsula between Spain and Portugal
  27. Name for a person of mixed Spanish and Indian decent
  28. A person of mixed African and European decent
  29. Catholic priests who settled California
  30. Gentleman on horseback
  31. Fortified Spanish base in America
  32. Fort in Texas captured by Spanish before the Alamo
  33. Spanish explorer of Florida associated with the Fountain of Youth
    Ponce de Leon
  34. Survivor of the Narvaez expedition
    Corbeza de Vasca
  35. Spanish explorer of California who was searching for gold that Corbeza de Vasca had told of
    Francisco Coronado
  36. Name meaning the "estate plain"
    Llano Estacado
  37. Spanish Conquistador who was first Spaniard to cross the Mississippi River and has a bridge named after him in Memphis, Tennessee
    Hernando Desoto
  38. Famous ship used by Spanish
    Golden Hind
  39. Spanish name for a cowboy
  40. Father/Governor of French Canada
    Samuel Champlain
  41. Year in which Quebec was established
  42. Name the English gave for French Acadia when they captured the province
    Nova Scotia
  43. Indian tribe in Canada
  44. Anti-French Indian tribe found in New York
  45. French name given to fur traders that translates as "runner of the woods"
    Courier De Bois
  46. Priests in Canada who wore black robes
  47. French explorers of the upper Mississippi River region
    Marquette and Joliet
  48. First French explorer to reach the Gulf of Mexico
  49. French name meaning "sir"
  50. French name for the female equivalent of a "sir"
  51. Year in which French establish Mobile, Alabama
  52. Ruling family of Spain
  53. Ruling family of France
  54. French fort that got destroyed by Spanish in St. Augustine, FL
    Fort Caroline
  55. French protestants during the Protestant Reformation
  56. Year English establish Charleston
  57. Year Spanish establish Pensacola, FL
  58. French word for dried/salted meat
  59. Leading French authority during Expansion
    Charles Deguale
  60. French fort in Alabama destroyed during French and Indian War
    Fort Toulouse
  61. All able bodied men 18 plus
  62. Frech fort in current day Pittsburg where the French and Indian War started
    • Fort Duquesne called "Fort Necessity" by the British
    • British attack lead by George Washington
  63. Location outside Quebec city where British defeat the French in 1759
    The Plains of Abraham
  64. Location where Lake Michigan and Lake Huron meet
    Strait of Mackinac
  65. To cut off circulation to a tree
  66. King of France from 1643 to 1715 from the Bourbon Family
    King Louis the XIV
  67. Name for a French soldier
  68. Name for the rapids between Lake Superior and Lake Huron on border of Canada and U.S
    oldest settlement in Michigan
    Sault Ste Marie
  69. Two rivers which allow travel from Lake Michigan to the Mississippi
    • Wisconsin River
    • Fox River
  70. War of the Grand Alliance
    King Williams War
    • Fought from 1689 to 1698
    • Inconclusive
  71. War of Spanish Succession
    Queen Anne's War
    • Fought from 1701 to 1713
    • Britain stops France and Spain from becoming a superpower
    • Britain gets control of Hudson Bay, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland, Rock of Gibraltar
  72. Yamasee War
    Fought between British colonials and Indian tribes between 1715 and 1717
  73. War of Austrian Succession
    King George II's War
    Fought from 1740 to 1748
  74. English trading company
    East Indian Trading Company
  75. French and Indian War
    Seven Years War
    • Fought from 1756 to 1763
    • Ended with the Treaty of Paris 1763
    • France loses all its land in North America except for two Islands off the coast of Canada kept for drying fish
    • Louisiana goes from France to Spain
  76. Name for colonists faithful to King George
  77. Name for colonists against King George
  78. Name of the Massachusetts militia
    The Minute Men
  79. Event in Boston where British kill five colonists
    The Boston Massacre
  80. Colonial lawyer who defended the British soldiers who killed colonists in Boston Massacre
    John Adams
  81. Organization that spread news about the revolution throughout the colonies
    Committee of Correspondence
  82. First battles of the American Revolution
    Lexington and Concord in Massachusetts
  83. Fort Ticonderoga
    on Lake Champlain
    in NewYork
    • Built by French
    • Seized by British in the Seven Years War
    • Captured by forces under control of Ethan Allen and Benedict Arnold during American Revolution
    • Cannons from there cause British to leave Boston
  84. Phrase written by Thomas Paine regarding fair weather Patriots
    "Summer soldiers and sunshine Patriots"
  85. Patriots forced British out of Boston from this location
    with weapons and cannons from Ticonderoga
    Bunker Hill
  86. Name for the day when British left Boston
    Evacuation Day
  87. French soldier who fought for the U.S during the war for independence
    marquis de Lafayette
  88. German soldier who trained U.S soldiers
    Baron von Steuben
  89. Polish man who is considered the father of the American calvary and died at the Battle of Savannah
  90. Winter fort of the U.S Army in Pennsylvania
    Valley Forge
  91. Battle Americans under Benedict Arnold win which convinces French to give aid
    Saratoga in New York
  92. Congress that met in Philadelphia to elect a commander in chief and write the Constitution
    Continental Congress
  93. Leader of the French Army during the American Revolution
  94. Spanish contribution to the American Revolution
    Contributed money and weapons to the American Army
  95. Battle of Yorktown
    • Took place in Virginia
    • American soldiers under Alexander Hamilton back the British under Cornwallis to the coast where French ships finally arrive to block an escape by water
    • British surrender
    • Cornwallis sends a subordinate to surrender to Benjamin Lincoln who was forced to surrender at Charleston
  96. Fierce British command on horseback
    Tarleton's Legion
  97. 700 Years War
    • European powers fight the Ottoman Empire until late 1400's
    • Ottomans are finally driven out which causes Islam not to take over Christianity
  98. English ''Sea Dogs"
    • Would lie in wait along the Atlantic coast of North America and capture gold from Spanish ships
    • 1/5th of the gold would go to Queen Elizabeth
  99. Year in which Spanish settle Texas
  100. Year in which Spanish settle California
  101. Names of two French brothers who establish towns in Louisiana
    • Iberville LeMoyne
    • Bienville LeMoyne
  102. Allies from 1700 on
    Spain and France
  103. American soldier known as the "Swamp Fox"
    Francis Marion
  104. American soldier known as the "Game Cox"
  105. Kings Mount
    • Battle of American Revolution
    • Located in South Carolina
    • Decisive battle where Patriots defeat Loyalists
    • British major of Loyalists, Patrick Ferguson is killed
  106. Battle of Cowpens
    • Battle in the American Revolution
    • Located in South Carolina
    • Decisive American victory
    • Daniel Morgan lead Americans
  107. German mercenaries under British control
  108. Known as the father of the American Navy
    John Paul Jones
  109. Second country after the U.S to gain independence
  110. Original name of Duluth, Minnesota that means "head of the lake"
    Fond Du Lac
  111. Name of the ship carrying ore that was lost on Lake Michigan in 1950's
    Edmund Fitzgerald
  112. French translation of Grand Tetons
    Breast of a woman
  113. French name for the Rocky Mountains
    "Shining Mountains"
  114. Two Indian tribes that harvested rice in Minnesota and Wisconsin
    • Chippewa
    • Menominee
  115. Invading species brought into the Great Lakes by ships
    • Ell
    • Mollusk
  116. Range that contained vast amounts of ore in Minnesota
    Mesabi Range
  117. Component needed to make steel
    Iron Ore
  118. City in Indiana on the end of Lake Michigan where steel was made
    Gary, Indiana
  119. Guide who led the Lewis and Clark Expedition up the Missouri River
  120. Native American from current day Idaho who led the Lewis and Clark Expedition from the Rocky Mountains as far as was familiar to her
  121. Name for American fur traders in the Rockies
    • Mountain Men
    • Kit Carson was a famous Mountain Man
  122. Reason Georgia was established
    To be a military buffer zone between to protect Charleston
  123. British explorer who established Georgia
    James Oglethorpe
  124. British fort of St. Simons Island
    Fort Frederica
  125. English King from 1760 to 1820
    King George
  126. Famous people who were at the Alamo
    Jim Bowie, Davy Crockett, Colonel Travis
  127. French term that means "narrows" for its location between Lake Huron and Lake Michigan
  128. City in Minnesota that was established by a Jesuit priest, Marquette, and is famous for dairying
    Green Bay
  129. Minnesota city that is the first point on Lake Superior
  130. Guilford Courthouse
    • Battle of American Revolution
    • Located in North Carolina
    • Nathaniel Greene leads the Americans
    • British hold the field
  131. Grave under a pile of rocks
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