Elite A 376-500

  1. exuberant
    lively, happy, and full of good spirits
  2. paraphrase
    to restate in different words; to summarize
  3. cadre
    a core group of trained highly skilled people capable of training others
  4. mediocre
    ordinary to inferior in quality; not standing out from the average
  5. pallet
    a narrow, hard bed or straw-filled mattress
  6. conjecture
    an inference or conclusion based on incomplete evidence
  7. antediluvian
    very old; outdated
  8. cue
    a hint
  9. bazaar
    a market consisting of a street lined with shops; a place where miscellaneous items are sold
  10. engender
    to beget; to cause; to promote
  11. chronology
    arrangement of events in time
  12. derelict
    abandoned; negligent
  13. confide
    to tell something in secret
  14. finesse
    subtle skill in performance or in handling a situation
  15. testy
    irritable; touchy
  16. unequivocal
    very clear; definite
  17. dictum
    an authoritative, often formal, pronouncement
  18. abstract
    without reference to specific instance or concrete existence; theoretical; to remove
  19. spontaneous
    occurring naturally or without forethought
  20. exhaustive
  21. dismantle
    to take apart
  22. amplify
    to make larger
  23. carte blanche
    unrestricted power to act at one's own discretion
  24. proscribe
    to prohibit or forbid; to denounce
  25. cardinal
    of main importance; principal
  26. cumbersome
    clumsy or difficult to manage
  27. ridicule
    to make fun of
  28. effrontery
    bold and insulting behavior
  29. agape
    wide open
  30. cerebral
    pertaining to the brain; intellectual
  31. freelance
    without long-term commitment to any employer
  32. dual
    composed of two parts
  33. conscript
    to draft compulsorily, esp. into military service; a draftee
  34. cascade
    a waterfall or series of small waterfalls; a succession of stages, processes, or units
  35. figurehead
    a person with apparent but no real authroity
  36. aboveboard
    without dishonesty or concealment
  37. abrade
    to wear down a surface by or as if by scraping
  38. glut
    an oversupply
  39. stimulate
    to rouse or excite to action or inreased action; to spur on
  40. depict
    to represent; to portray
  41. nondescript
    lacking distinction or individual character
  42. illuminate
    to light up
  43. maim
    to cripple; mutilate; disable
  44. postscript
    additional information added to the end of a letter or other document
  45. complaisant
    showing a desire to please; cheerfully obliging
  46. nocturnal
    occurring at night
  47. ascribe
    to attribute to a specific source
  48. fractious
    disruptive or irritable
  49. quid pro quo
    an equal exchange or substitution
  50. sentinel
    one who keeps watch
  51. genocide
    killing of a whole national or ethnic group
  52. scour
    to wash by scrubbing vigorously
  53. florid
    flushed with rosy color; over decorated
  54. zeitgeist
    the trend or spirit of the times
  55. segregate
    to separate into groups or parts
  56. hallmark
    any marks or symbol of genuineness or high quality
  57. remunerate
    to pay or compensate
  58. accommodate
    to oblige; to provide a service or favor; to fit
  59. bolster
    to suport or strengthen
  60. momentous
    of extreme importance
  61. impalpable
    that which cannot be felt by touching; not easily understood
  62. incumbent
    necessary or obligatory; a person who currently holds a particular position
  63. yelp
    a sharp cry expressing pain
  64. interloper
    one who interferes with the affairs of others; a meddler
  65. pulverize
    to crush; to grind into powder or dust
  66. de facto
    actual or effective, esp. when without legal authority; in fact
  67. exasperate
    to make very impatient; to annoy greatly
  68. elicit
    to draw out; to invoke
  69. ligament
    connective tissue, joining bones or supporting internal organs
  70. incongruous
    lacking agreement; incompatible
  71. decorum
    polite behavior
  72. dilate
    to make wider; to expand
  73. contemporary
    of the same time or period
  74. knell
    to ring in a slow, solemn way; the sound of a bell, esp. of one rung at a funeral; an omen of death, failure, etc.
  75. encroach
    to infringe; to intrude; to trespass
  76. ovation
    enthusiastic and lengthy applause
  77. demagogue
    a leader who obtains power by appealing to teh emotions and passions of the people
  78. foment
    to stir up negative feelings, esp. those that lead to violent action
  79. goad
    to prod or urge, as if with pointed stick; a long stick used to prod animals; something used to urge on
  80. tantalize
    to torment or tease by showing something desireable while keeping it out of reach
  81. cordial
    war and friendly; hearty
  82. adorn
    add beatury; to decorate
  83. scribe
    a professional copyist of manuscripts and documents, esp. in ancient times
  84. fastidious
    not easy to please; very critical or discriminating
  85. purport
    to claim, esp. falsely
  86. circumscribe
    to define the limits of
  87. foilage
  88. complacent
    too please with oneself; self-satisfied
  89. etiquette
    the forms of behavior of polite society
  90. morbid
    gruesome; awful
  91. inhibit
    to hold back
  92. subjective
    based on personal experience or feeling, not from external evidence
  93. ensue
    to happen subsequently
  94. heinous
    extremely wicked; abominable
  95. urbane
  96. induce
    to influence, esp. by persuasion; to bring about; to infer by inductive reasoning
  97. debonair
    easy and carefree in manner
  98. etymology
    the study of origins of words
  99. stoic
    apparently indifferent to joy, grief, pleasure, or pain
  100. plethora
    an excessive amount
  101. stanch
    to stop the flow of something
  102. evoke
    to call forthe or call to mind
  103. staunch
    strongl loyal
  104. manuscript
    a book or other document written by hand; an author's original copy of a document submitted for publication
  105. ad infinitum
    lasting forever; continuously
  106. aberration
    a departure from what is right, true, correct
  107. diurnal
    daily; occurring during the daytime
  108. eon
    a long period of time
  109. hallucination
    a false perception of reality; a delusion
  110. brooch
    large, decorative pin
  111. forfeit
    to surrender or be forced to surrender
  112. palette
    a board which an artist can hold while painting and on which colors can be mixed; the range of colors used in a particular painting or by a particular artist
  113. giddy
    dizzy; lightheaded
  114. embryonic
    not yet developed; at an early stage
  115. mosaic
    an image created by te assembly of many small colored pieces, e.g., tiles
  116. dauntless
    incapable of being intimidated
  117. crony
    a long-time friend or close companion
  118. bristle
    to react in an angry or offended manner
  119. gallant
    brave and noble
  120. skeptical
    tending to question or doubt
  121. duel
    a prearranged combat between two persons
  122. toddle
    to walk with short, unsteady steps, like a child
  123. pittance
    a small amount, esp. of money
  124. temporize
    to act evasively in order to gain time
  125. temporal
    relating to time
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