massage 2

  1. transports deoxygenated blood from the right ventricle onto the lung for oxygenation
    pulmonary arteries
  2. acute
    sudden onset
  3. anaplasia
    the irregular structural charasteristics of a cell that identify it as a malignant cancer cell
  4. antibiotic
    A chemical substance derivable from a mold or bacterium that kills microorganisms and cures infections
  5. antibody
    a protein produced by the body as a part of its defence agains foreign bacteria or blood cell
  6. antiseptic
    The prevention of sepsis by excluding or destoying microorganisms
  7. asepsis
    a sustance that kills or prohibits the growth of microorganism
  8. atrophy
    wasting away or decrease in size cell, tissue, organ, or part of the body caused by lack of nourishment, incactivity or loss of nerve supply
  9. autoimmunity
    • a situacion in wich the body produces an immune responce against its own organs or tissues,
    • causing severe inflammation and chronic conditions
  10. bacteria
    microorganisms capable or reproducction, some cause strains (and some are beneficial)
  11. bening
    • referring to a tumor or abnormal growth, that is not cancerous and does not invade nearby tissues
    • no spread to other parts of the body
  12. chronic
    slow developing, recurring
  13. degenerative
    characterized by dimishing capabilities
  14. diagnosis
    the identification of a disease or trauma
  15. endemic
    disease that exist in a location or group of people all the time
  16. epidemic
    a sudden outbreak of disease in numbers much longer than normal
  17. etiology
    the study of the cause and orging of disease
  18. fungus
    a mold, yeast or mushrooms, some fungi are benefitial, some as a ring worm and athlete's foot are not
  19. hereditary
    genetically passed from parent to child
  20. hyperplasia
    an increase in the number of cells in an organ or tissue
  21. idiopathic
    of unknown origin
  22. infection
    a protective responce from the body in responce to infection or injury characterized by swelling, heat, readness and pain affecting only one part of the body
  23. local
    affecting only one part
  24. malignant
    cancerous, a growth with tendency to invade and destroy nearby tissue and spread to other part of the body
  25. morbid
    disease or sick
  26. neoplasm
    an abnormal growth of tissue that may be bening or malignant
  27. pandemic
    an epidemic that effects an expanded demographic area
  28. pathogenesis
    the orgin and development of disease
  29. pathology
    study of disease
  30. pathophysiology
    the study of how disease and trauma alters the normal functioning of the body
  31. signs
    the evidence of diseases as perceived by a doctor
  32. sterilize
    to destroy bacteria and other microorganisms
  33. symptoms
    the subject evidence of disease as perceived by the patient
  34. trauma
    a physical injury or caused by an external force of violence wich may cause death or permanet disability, trauma is also to discribe severe emotional or psychological shock or distress
  35. virulence
    the avility of an organism to cuase disease
  36. virus
    an intracellular parasite that causes disease
  37. anterior (ventral)
    oward the front, in front of
  38. when doing lymphatic drainage, which of the following is the most effective stroke
  39. the sequences and directions of swedish massage strokes are most adapted to wich anatomical or physiological situation?
    lymph drainage and venous return
  40. when doing lymphatic drainage wich direction do you go?
    towards the lymph nodes
  41. descibes the effects of massage therapy
    • increased venous and lymph flow
    • increase muscle flexibility
    • increase relaxation
    • reduces pain
  42. which direction do you go in when doing lymph drainage on the extremities
    distal to proximal
  43. when massaging the upper leg in the supine position, wich muscle is involved
  44. when is it ok to engage in a sexual relationship with a client?
    after ending all profecional relationships
  45. massage is contraindicated for
    high blood pressure
  46. if working the sartorius which of the following endangerment's do you need to be aware of?
    femoral artery
  47. the tricuspid valve is found between?
    right atrium and right ventricle
  48. if working the adductor which of the endangerments would you have to be aware of
    great saphoneous vein Image Upload 2
  49. GTO release....
    reduce muscle tone and spasm
  50. which a tue statment concerning golgi tendon organ release? GTO
    • detects overall (toda) tension in tendon
    • detect the load in the tendon
  51. muscle adductors of the arm
    • pectoralis major and latissimus dorsi
    • teres m&m
    • coracobrachialis
    • infraspinatus
    • triceps LG
  52. wich muscle would be paralyzed if the sciatic nerve was severed?
    • hamstrings
    • biceps femoris
    • semitenddinosus, semimembranosus
    • long head of biceps fem Tibial nerve
    • short head of biceps fem peroneal nerve
  53. symptoms of hypoglycemia
    H/A, acute fatigue, restlessness, marked irritability, weakness, malaise (as mild sickness or depression)
  54. best massage stroke to use on a chronic sprain
    cross fibre frictions
  55. which condition is present when there is an injury of the ulnar nerve at the elbow?
  56. the only joint where the axial skeleton articulates with the appendicular skeleton is?
  57. if someone slipped on the stairs of your practice what typw of insurance would be involved?
    liability insurance
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