1. Transversal
    is a line that intersects two or more other lines at distinct points; all of the lines lie in the same plane
  2. Polygon
    is a closed plane figure whose sides are line segments that intersect only at the endpoints.
  3. Corresponding Angles
    two angle that lie in the same relative position
  4. Perimeter
    the sum of the length of its sides
  5. Median
    is a line segment that joins a vertex of a triangle with the midpoint of the opposite side.
  6. Colinear
    points that lie on the same line.
  7. Adjacent angles
    two angles that have a common vertex and a common side betweeen them
  8. Midpoint
    The point on a line segement or arc that seperates the line segment into two congruent parts.
  9. Congruent Angles
    angles that share the same measurement of angle.
  10. Reflex angle
    an angle whose measure is between 180 to 360
  11. Bisector
    is a ray that seperates an angle or segment into two seperate congruent seperate parts.
  12. Complementary angles
    angles that sum up to 90 degrees.
  13. Sets
    an collection of objects, numbers, or points.
  14. Line
    part of a line determined by two points and all points on the line that lie between those two points.
  15. Angle
    the plane figure formed by two rays that share a common endpoint
  16. Acute angle
    angle whose measure is below 90 degrees.
  17. congruent segment
    line segments that have same measures
  18. Parallelogram
    a quadrilateral that has two pairs of parallel sides
  19. Rhombus
    a parallelogram with two congruent adjacent sides
  20. Rectangle
    a parallelogram that contains a right angle.
  21. Square
    is a rectangle that has two congruent adjacent sides
  22. Quadrilateral
    is a polygon that has four sides
  23. Kite
    a quadrilateral that has two distinct pairs of congruent adjacent sides
  24. Trapeziod
    a quadrilateral having exactly two parallel sides.
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