Chapter 16: Male Reproductive System; Therapeutic Terms

  1. chemotherapy
    treatment of malignancies, infections, and other diseases with chemical agents that destroy selected cells or impair their ability to reproduce
  2. cancer immunotherapy
    treatment of cancer by stimulating the patient's own immune response by transfer of immune components such as antibodies or T cells from an outside source to kill cancer cells
  3. radiation therapy
    treatment of neoplastic disease by using radiation to deter the proliferation of malignant cells
  4. brachytherapy
    radiation technique involving internal implantation of radioactive isotopes, such as radioactive seeds to treat prostate cancer
  5. hormone replacement therapy (HRT)
    use of a hormone to remedy a deficiency or regulate production
  6. penile prosthesis
    implantation of a device designed to provide an erection of the penis - used to treat physical impotence
  7. penile self-injection
    intracavernosal injection therapy causing an erection - used in treatment of erectile dysfunction
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Chapter 16: Male Reproductive System; Therapeutic Terms
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