Chapter 17: Female Reproductive System; Diagnostic Tests and Procedures

  1. biopsy (Bx)
    removal of tissue for microscopic pathological examination
  2. aspiration Bx
    needle draw of tissue or fluid from a cavity for cytological examination - also called needle biopsy
  3. endoscopic Bx
    removal of a specimen for biopsy during an endoscopic procedure
  4. excisional Bx
    removal of an entire lesion for microscopic examination
  5. incisional Bx
    removal of a piece of suspicious tissue for microscopic examination
  6. needle Bx
    removal of a core specimen of tissue using a special hollow needle
  7. stereotactic breast Bx
    use of x-ray or ultrasound imaging, a specialized stereotactic frame, and a computer to calculate, precisely locate, and direct a needle into a breast lesion for the removal of a core specimen for biopsy
  8. sentinel node breast Bx
    biopsy of the sentinel node in a breast with early cancer to determine metastases and, if no malignancy is found, avoid the extensive removal of axillary nodes that causes lymphedema (swelling under the arms); includes radionuclide imaging to locate the sentinel nose
  9. colposcopy
    examination of the vagina and cervix using a colposcope, a specialized microscope used to examine the vagina and cervix, often with a camera attachment for photographs - used to document findings and follow-up treatments
  10. hysteroscopy
    use of a hysteroscope to examine the intrauterine cavity for the assessment of abnormalities
  11. magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)
    use of nonionizing images to detect gynecological conditions or stage tumors arising from the endometrium cervix
  12. Papanicolaou smear (Pap)
    study of cells collected from the cervix to screen for cancer and other abnormalities
  13. hysterosalpingogram
    x-ray of the fallopian tubes after injection of a contrast medium through the cervix - used to determine tubal patency
  14. mammogram
    low-dose x-ray of breast tissue done to detect neoplasms
  15. pelvic sonography
    ultrasound imaging of the female pelvis
  16. endovaginal sonogram
    ultrasound image of the uterus, tubes, and ovaries made after introduction of an ultrasonic transducer within the vagina to detect conditions such as ectopic pregnancy or missed abortion
  17. hysterosonogram
    transvaginal sonogaphic image made as sterile saline is injected into the uterus; used to assess uterine pathology or determine tubal patency; also known as sonohysterogram
  18. transabdominal sonogram
    ultrasound image of the lower abdomen including the bladder, uterus, tubes, and ovaries to detect conditions such as cysts and tumors
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