1. Episiotomy
    a minor surgical procedure which widens the birth canal by cutting the introitus (vaginal opening). Episiotomy is performed to prevent the jagged, less controlled tearing of the introital tissue during the stretching associated with delivery.
  2. Step 1
    Use 100% cotton underwear to wear during the recovery period. Change your underwear often to keep germs from breeding and infecting the episiotomy.
  3. Step 2
    Walk around as much as possible to promote healing. Moving around won�t be easy, but it does increase blood flow to the area. Perform Kegel exercises to increase blood flow.
  4. Step 3
    Apply ice to the incision. Be sure to place a thin towel, cloth or underwear between the incision and the ice pack. Ice directly on the skin can freeze skin and cause further problems and complications.
  5. Step 4
    Soak the area either in a bathtub or if it�s more comfortable, take a sitz bath.
  6. Step 5
    Apply witch hazel to the incision. Soak sterile cotton balls or gauze in witch hazel and apply. You can also use Tuck�s Hemorrhoid pads to soothe the area.
  7. Step 6
    After urinating rinse the area with warm water to keep germs out and avoid infection. Pat the area dry, do not rub delicate, painful stitches. Air drying is best.
  8. Step 7
    Increase you fiber and fluid intake to keep from straining when you have a bowel movement. Do not push or strain because you can rip your stitches. Be sure to rinse the area with warm water after a bowel movement.
  9. Step 8
    • Sit on a pillow or an inflatable ring to reduce the pain.
    • Call your doctor if the pain increases, you have increased swelling, the stitches become red and look irritated, you develop a discharge from the site, you develop a fever.
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