Chapter 10: Nervous System; Operative Terms

  1. craniectomy
    excision of part of the skull to approach the brain
  2. craniotomy
    incision into the skull to approach the brain
  3. diskectomy
    removal of a herniated disk often done percutaneously
  4. laminectomy
    excision of one or more laminae of the vertebrae to approach the spinal cord
  5. vertebral lamina
    flattened posterior portion of the vertebral arch
  6. microsurgery
    utilization of a microscope to dissect minute structure during surgery
  7. neuroendovascular surgery
    diagnosis and treatment of disorders within cerebral blood vessels performed in a specialized angiograhic laboratory by interventional neuroradiologists; common procedures include:

    • - cerebral angioplasty and stent to restore blood flow through narrowed vessels such as the carotid artery, middle cerebral, and vertebrobasilar arteries
    • - embolization (plugging) of intracranial aneurysms and other malformations
  8. neuroplasty
    surgical repair of a nerve
  9. spondylosyndesis
    spinal fusion
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Chapter 10: Nervous System; Operative Terms
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