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  1. Who discovered the antibiotic sulfanilamide?
    Gerhard Domagk
  2. What are the desirable general characteristics of antimicrobial drugs?
    • Selective toxicity
    • Broad-spectrum of activity
    • Bactericidal rather than bacateriostatic
  3. To be effective a drug must be what?
    • Effect of an agent may vary
    • -with concentration, microbe, host
    • Effectiveness expressed in two ways
    • -Minimal inhibitory concentration (MIC)
    • --lowest concentration of drug that inhibits growth of pathogen
    • --body concentration must be higher than MIC to be effective
    • -Minimal lethal concentration (MLC)
    • --lowest concentration of drug that kills pathogen (organism fails to recover when drug removed)
  4. What are the mechanisms of action for antibacterial drugs?
    • inhibitors of cell wall synthesis
    • protein synthesis inhibitors
    • metabloic anatagonists
    • RNA and DNA synthesis inhibition
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