Pathology for Soft Tissue Therapy

  1. In order to remember major diseases, use
    Describe each letter
    • Definition - or description of disease
    • Aetiology - or cause of disease
    • Pathogenesis - or development/progress of disease
    • Clinical features - signs/symptoms
    • Therapy & prognosis - treatment and outlook
  2. Define Pathology
    The study of structural and functional abnormalities that are expressed as disease of organs and systems
  3. Define Pathological Anatomy
    The study of structural changes caused by disease
  4. Define Pathogen
    A disease causing organism (bacteria, virus, fungus)
  5. Define pathogenesis
    The development of a disease or a morbid pathological state
  6. Define aetiology
    The study of the causes of disease, theories of the origin and the organism
  7. Define Prognosis
    A forecast of the probable results of a disorder, the outlook for recovery
  8. Define Symptom
    • An abnormality that indicates the presence of a disease or disorder.
    • E.g. subjective feelings of a patient - pain, nausea, dizziness (can't be seen)
    • it is not visible
  9. Define Sign
    • Any objective evidence of a disease
    • E.g. Lesions, swelling or fever
    • Visible, measurable
  10. Define Syndrome
    A group of signs and symptoms that are characteristic of a particular disease or abnormal condition
  11. Define Lesion
    Any change in tissue formation - e.g. swelling, lumps, lacerations
  12. Define Systemic
    affecting the whole body - generalised
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Pathology for Soft Tissue Therapy
Pathology for Soft Tissue Therapy