1. what is the Lycoming turbo system critical altitude?
    18000 ft
  2. Why is oil temp so important to watch on startup of a turbo system?
    Cold congealed oil with adversely affect wastegate control
  3. After landing why idle 3-5 minutes before shutting down?
    to allow oil to cool the turbo and prevent coking
  4. When does the differential pressure controller controlling the exaust bypass?
    All positions except full throttle
  5. What controls manifold pressure?
    Throttle plate
  6. What controls turbo above critical altitude (Lycoming) ?
  7. What controls turbo at full throttle on a lycoming system?
    Density controller
  8. What 2 things does a density controller sense?
    temperature and pressure
  9. What device helps increase airflow across the engine?
    Exaust augmentor
  10. What are the 2 controllers on a Lycoming turbo system?
    Density and differential pressure controllers
  11. What is a common way to check exausts?
    apply pressure and spray with water then look for bubbling
  12. What are common places to find cracks on exausts?
    welds, bends and slip joints
  13. 2 common defects in exuasts ?
    cracks and bulging
  14. What is used to protect rubber hoses and engine mounts in engine compartments?
    Heat deflectors
  15. What are NA exausts typically made of ? turbo ?
    • NA: stainless
    • turbo: Inconel
  16. 3 types of exaust joints?
    Ball, slip, and asbestos gaskets
  17. what adjustments are on the differential pressure controller?
  18. what adjustments are on the density controller?
    the preload on the bellows can be adjusted
  19. what are the 2 crucial things to observe when making throttle changes on the turbo lycoming system?
    Slow smooth throttle changes and stabilization time
  20. a wastegate is caleed what on a lycoming system?
    exaust bypass valve
  21. Changes in atmospheric conditions will affect lycoming system? T or F
  22. Oil viscosity affects exaust bypass operation? T or F
  23. Differential pressure controller senses what 2 things?
    Upper deck and manifold pressure
  24. Where is the density controller mounted?
    directly on the manifold
  25. How does the density controller work?
    A nitrogen filled brass bellows
  26. Upper Deck pressure can be referenced to what 5 things?
    • fuel pump
    • discharge nozzles
    • turbo controllers
    • fuel flow gauge
    • cabin pressurization(sonic venturi)
  27. What 3 components are adjustable on a TCM turbo system?
    • VAPC
    • Ratio controller
    • Wastegate actuator
  28. What is used to lubricate wastegate?
  29. what system uses a turbine in the exaust to directly add force to the crank?
    turbo compound system
  30. Common things to inspect for on turbo?
    • broken or nicked blades
    • leaks in oil or air lines
  31. The altitude where the engine can no longer make rated power?
    Critical Altitude
  32. what is critical altitude on a TCM system?
    16000 ft
  33. what is the turbine housing made of?
    cast iron
  34. What is the compressor housing made of?
  35. what seals are used in a turbo?
  36. what kind of bearing is used in a turbo?
    plain aluminum bearing
  37. what is often used to remove oil and prevent coking in a turbo?
  38. what is the restrictor called in the wastegate?
    capillary tube
  39. 3 sourses of heat in a turbo?
    compression, friction, hot exaust gasses
  40. device in the intake to cool compressed air with ram air?
  41. a wastegate is spring loaded which way?
  42. What failsafe prevents manifold pressure from building too high in a TCM system?
    Pressure relief valve
  43. what drives wastegate toward closed?
    oil pressure
  44. purpose of the capillary restrictor on the wastegate inlet?
    provides fast opening of the wastegate
  45. 2 TYPES of stuperchargers?
    internal and external
  46. what are the 4 components of an induction system?
    • air filter
    • air intake
    • fuel metering device
    • intake manifold
  47. 3 types of carb ice?
    • impact
    • vaporization
    • throttle plate
  48. alternate air door is held closed by?
    magnet on spring
  49. define absolute altitude:
    Aircrafts height above ground
  50. Limiting factors of turbosupercharging?
    temperature and pressure
  51. MAP is measures in ?
    Inches of mercury
  52. APC is calibrated to what?
    1" above rated MP
  53. Upper deck pressure is located between?
    Turbo and Throttle plate
  54. manifold pressure is loacted between?
    throttle plated and valves
  55. The APC uses what 2 pressures?
    ambient and UD pressure
  56. the APC does what ?
    maintains a constant manifold pressure
  57. Ratio controller limits UDP at?
    2.2 times ambient pressure
  58. number one symptom of bootstrapping?
    fluctuating MP
  59. APC and Ratio controller are in series or parellel?
  60. when does ratio controller take over?
    above critical altitude
  61. what does the VAPC sense?
  62. what does the VAPC do that the APC does not?
    any how?
    eliminates bootstrapping by having throttle linkage increase or decrease spring pressure on its bellows
  63. the VAPC is not adjustable? T or F
    False VAPC restrictor valve seat is adjustable
  64. Rate of change controller on TCM system limits the UDP change to?
    6.5 in/hg per second
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