oceans final 2

  1. the worlds largest coral reed complex
    located in austrila
    does not get affected by the el nino or la nina
    great barrier reef
  2. part of the mesoaamerican barrier reef
    located in mexico
    the belize barrier reef
  3. deepest known US coral reef
    200 ft down
    located in sw florida
    Pully ridge reef system
  4. not a single reef system
    large and in clusters
    more then 3000 clusters
    140000sq miles
    great barrier reef
  5. how fast is the great barrier growing
    1 to 2 in every 2 years
  6. what part of the reef is growing the fastest on the barrier reef
    southern edge
  7. what dont coral reefs like
    sediment run off
  8. what is the most colorful coral system
    pully ridge system
  9. how much does coral account for in biomass of entire system
    less then 50 %
  10. what makes up most of the reef system
  11. how does red alage cement it self to the coral
    calcareous secreations
  12. what type of animal baries itself to the reef
  13. what have biodiversity more then the rainforest
    coral reef
  14. how may species does the coral reef provide shelter to
    50000 marine species not including bacteria
  15. how do coral help land
    protect shore line erosion
  16. how much gdp is from travlers seeing the coral reef
    50% or more
  17. what else had make a coral reef
  18. are coral plants
  19. what and when do coral eat
    plankton and at night
  20. extinct organisms somewhat similar to sponges or coral
  21. extinct relatives of sponges
  22. extinct bivalves "clams"
    Rudist pelecypods
  23. algae are not plants they are
  24. how big can marine algae grow
    200 ft
  25. where do they exist
    euphotic zone
  26. what type of temp water do they like
    cold temp "alaska and artic"
  27. what do algae like to attach to
    hard rock, shorelines, shiprecks
  28. dont grow well in what envorment
    sandy or muddy substrate
  29. how much of the ocean floor is sutible for benthic algae
    < 2%
  30. how is algae classified
    by color
  31. fresh water or ocean coast lines
    grow in shallow water (littoral zone) bays and inlets
    dont exceed 1 ft
    green algae
  32. dont mix with coral
    largest algae 200 ft
    found in polar regons
    this color lets them grow faster at greater depths
    brown algae
  33. most abundent and widespread of the algae
    smaller and more complex
    from the top of littoral zone to the middle of the sublittoral zone
    most exist with in eupotic zone
    red algae
  34. can photosynthesize at depth of 900 ft with only 0.05% sunlight
    red algae
  35. are located near missippi river
    likes lots of sediment
    grows in muddy or sandy place
    sea grases
  36. grow in estuaries tidal flats and marches
    like the tropics
    eaten by other animals
    50 to 60 species grouped in to 4 families
    sea grass
  37. in terperate climates how may sea grass species
    1 to 3
  38. in the tropics how many sea grass species
    10 + in same area
  39. does sea grass slow water current
  40. does it trap sediment
    yes and make the water clear
  41. how much of the oceans carbon is on the grases
  42. what dont sea grases like because alge can grow rapid
    excessive nutrients
  43. what stops algae around sea grases
  44. what is sea grass used for
    fertlizer mattress filling and furnitue
  45. beds grow in shallow bays and coves, tidal creeks, and estuaries
    eel grass
  46. tropical reagon , its th largest seagrass in florida
    turtle grass
  47. are trees that can tolerate high salinite
    man groves
  48. where do these man groves grow
    • tropic reagons
    • sub tropics indonesia
    • florida bahamas
  49. provides what for crabs worms snails and alge
  50. found closer to the water then other mangroves
    red mangroves
  51. found in the superlatoral (above high tide)
    black mangroves
  52. fast growing and colonize by newly formed land
    white mangroves
  53. polyphyletic group including verterbrates
    have a backbone, gills and fins
  54. includes hangfish and lampreys
    jawless fish
  55. includes sharks and, rays and snakes
    cartilaginous fish
  56. how many species of shark and rays
    400 and 320
  57. what type of shark can inhabit fresh water becasue of they kidney
    bull and river shark
  58. most sharks are how big
    6 ft in length
  59. bigest shark
    wale shark
  60. a true fresh water shark located in indian ocean
    ganges river shark
  61. are classified into 8 orders
  62. max depth for a shark
    7000 to 10000 ft
  63. most are carnivors but some are
    filter feeders on plankton
  64. what type of filter feeders shark
    whale , basking and megamouth shark
  65. what type are know to attack human
    great white , bull , tigher , white tip
  66. how many injories and deaths per year
    100 and 4 to 5 deaths
  67. will big or little sharks eat you
  68. have fins designed for maneuvernalibty
    reef fish
  69. fins designed for speed
    open water fish
  70. gain water to sink and loose water to float
    swim blatters
  71. what keeps sharks afloat
  72. lighter side at the bottom
    coutner shadiong
  73. breath air with lungs and are covered in scales
    marine reptiles
  74. sea turtles, sea snakes and marine crocdicals are
    groups of marine reptitles
  75. whales dolphines
  76. seals sea lions otter
  77. mantees and dunongs
  78. store oxygen in book not lunks to prevent
    the bends
  79. tooth wales sharp teeth
  80. blunt for head and blunt teeth
  81. large hurding of krill
    echo click to stun figh
  82. what lakes the loudest noise
  83. suck in fishekrill and organisms
    the baleen whales
  84. feed on ocen floor suck up mood and gravel
    gray wales
  85. blow bulbbles to distract krill
    humpback whales
  86. three mantee and one dunge
  87. eat sea grass
    dolphin like tail
  88. west africa central amazxon and golf of mexico
  89. eat mangroves algae
    eat with their molors being replaced "pushed back to front"
    pattle shapped tails
    downward facking snouts
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