Med-Terms Radioactive Tests

  1. Pulmonary Profusion Scan
    Radioactive particles are injected and travel rapidly to areas of the lung that are adequately filled with blood
  2. MUGA Scan
    (Multiple Grated Acquisition Techniques)
    Uses radioactive technetium to measure cardiac output

    Also called Technetium-99m Ventriculography
  3. Gallium Scan
    Radioactive Gallium Citrate is injected into the bloodstream

    Gallium collects in areas of certain tumors (Hodgkin's Disease and areas of infection)
  4. Brain Scan
    Injection of radioactive substance which collects in lesions that disrupt the barrier between blood vessels and normal brain tissue
  5. Bone Scan
    Radioactive susbstance is injected

    Uptake in the bones is detected with a scanning device

    Tumors show as increased uptake
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Med-Terms Radioactive Tests
Tests that involve injection of radioactive substances