21 Mental Health

  1. Two forms of depression occurring in the face of physical illness are
    1. Mood disorder Due to the General Medical Condition

    2. ???
  2. These disorders are typically diagnosed when organic dysfunction directly influences the client's feelings, for example a post stroke
    Mood disorders
  3. Who led their country, England, through WWII partly through public speeches, which gave people courage despite the serious threat of defeat by Nazi Germany & the axis powers
    Winston Churchill
  4. Assessment for client's undergoing tx for cancer
    • Who are the significant people in your life?
    • Do you have friends or family in town?
    • Do you belong to a group?
    • Can you ask others for help?
    • What info would you like for Ca?
    • Will it interfere with your goals?
    • family functioning?
    • How hopeful are you in recovery?
    • Most important or powerful thing in life
    • Has ca influenced your faith and belief
  5. How client's report coping with Ca?
    • Writing (a letter, journal, poem)
    • Obtaining info
    • Regaining power
    • Talking with others

    • Crying
    • Laughing
    • Using humor (ptractical jokes)-relief
    • Taking control of tx
    • Regaining power

    Hint: Wort Clu(s)t(e)r
  6. Clients are frequently depressed after a heart attack as they face ...
    fear that resuming their preattack personal, vocational, and sexual activities may represent a physical risk of pain breathing difficulty, or even sudden death.
  7. Arisen the response to the increaesed recognition of the importance of psychophysiological interrelationships and their impact on physical illness, recovery, and wellness is
    Psychiatric Consultation-Liaison Nursing (PCLN)
  8. Two nursing roles in regard to assisting clients wiht physicial illness who have strong emotional reaction are
    • Liaison psychiatric nursing
    • psychiatic nurse specialist in home care
  9. A field developed in the 1960s in which psychiatric professionals serve as consultants to health care providers in the general medial settings is
    Liaison psychiatric nursing
  10. %Roles and knowledge of the charateristics of a PCLN in today's practice:
    • Consultation to nursing staff and admin
    • Education of client care team
    • Direct, specialized care to clients and thier families
  11. What does PCLN stand for?
    Psychiatric Consultation-Liaison Nursing
  12. %Knowledge and expertise of the characteristics of a PCLN in today's practice:
    • 1. Expertise in psychiatric problems, normal and abnormal responses to illness, and adaptation responses
    • 2. Knowledge of interrelationships between physiological and psychological states
    • 3. Knowledge of systems theory and group process, nursing & pschological/psychiatric theories
    • 4. Ability to provide liaison between and among disciplines
  13. All nursing theories call on nurse to view the client...
  14. Refer to the those processes by which thoughts, feelings, attitudes, and emotions converted by teh brain into the neurohormonal messenger molecules (Rossi, 1986)
    Mind modulation
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