CMT2 Headaches

  1. What type of headache is a tension headache?
  2. What would not be an appropriate treatment for a client who currently has a tension headache?
    Vigorus techniques and deep pressure to relieve TPs
  3. What position do you work in for someone with a tension headache?
    Supine or sidelining
  4. A headache in which the headache is the condition, or example a ension or migraine headache is called a...
    Primary headache
  5. What type of hydro should a client with a migraine use?
    ice packs to the arteries of the scalp and neck
  6. What migraine theory states that some unknown mechanism triggers vasoconstriction of the intercranial arteries, which can cause visual distortions?
    Vascular model theory
  7. What mussle has a common trigger point referral to the back and side of the head?
  8. If someone complains about a headache around the ear, what possible muscles might be the problem?
    • Upper Trap
    • SCM
    • Masseter
    • Splenius Cervicis (side of head)
  9. If someone complains about a headache on top of the head, what possible muscles might be the problem?
    • Splenius Capitis
    • Suboccipitals
  10. Treatment modifications for headaches.
    • Dim lights
    • Lower voice
    • Avoid smells
    • Keep room warm
    • Lower pain scale targets
    • Avoid vigorous techniques
  11. Hydro for tension headaches is always...
  12. General protocol for tension headaches
    • Opening communications
    • Resting
    • Stroking/ general warming
    • MF techniques
    • Joint mobilization (pain free)
    • Clearing
    • Deeper warming
    • Trigger point work
    • Isolate specific muscles
    • Always end with stretching
  13. What muscle has a common trigger point referral pattern to the occiput, around the eye, into the ear and across the forehead?
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