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  1. Which celestial event was seen at the battle of Hastings and is depiccted on the Bayeux tapestry?
    Halley's Comet. Halley observed it in 1682 and correcty predicted that it would reappear in 1758
  2. Who did Harold II beat at the battl of Stamford Bridge?
    Harold Hardrada, King of Norway and his own brother Tostig, both of whom were killed. This stretched his forces to the limit as they quickly had to march south to defend against William of Normandy's invasion at Hastings.
  3. Which battle took place in Yorkshire between Harold II and Harold Hardrada 17 days before the Battle of Hastings?
    The Battle of Stamford Bridge
  4. Which King introduced Curfews?
    William the Conqueror. He ordered that all church bells should be sounded at eight o'clock each night as a signal for everyone to put out fires and candles and retire to bed. The term appears to come from the French couvre feu meaning cover the fire.
  5. What was the date of the first Crusade?
    1096 - 1099
  6. What was the result of the Treaty of Wallingford?
    Henry had besieged a fort that Stephen had built at Crowmarsh on the banks of the Thames opposite Wallingford Castle. An agreement of succession of Henry II after Stephen was concluded and witnessed by the English Knights Templars. King Stephen accepted Henry of Normandy, Anjou and Aquitaine as heir to the throne and in turn Henry recognised Stephen as king. Stephen made his barons do homage to Henry (Jan.1154).
  7. In what year was Thomas Becket killed in Canterbury Cathedral?
    29th December 1170. When Henry II heard that Thomas Becket had returned to England and was threatening to excommunicate his opponents, his outrage was such that four knights overhearing the King travelled to England and killed Becket inside Canterbury Cathedral.
  8. In historical terms what is a barbican?
    A tower at the entrance to a castle or fortified town
  9. Which is the oldest university in the UK?
    Oxford which was established in 1096. Cambridge was established in 1209
  10. Who met to discuss the Provisions of Oxford in 1258
    The barons and Henry III met at Oxford where fully armed, the barons showed Henry that he had no choice but to reform the way the country was being run. A council of fifteen members was set to advise the king. The fifteen were selected by a committee of four, two from the barons and two from the king. The new council was not to last long as the members could not agree amongst themselves on courses of action and by 1260 it had broken up. The reformers and royalists were to take up arms and meet in civil war.
  11. Which King was born in Oxford?
    Richard I at Beaumont Palace. The palace was situated at the end of what is now Beaumont Street and ws built by Henry I as a palace close to the nearby hunting lodge at Woodstock . A plaque marks the spot.
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