A&P Basic Terms

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  1. Anatomy
    Pertains to the structure of the body
  2. Physiology
    Pertains to the function of the body
  3. Disease
    When homeostasis fails
  4. Systemic Disease
    Effects the entire body or several organ systems

    (exa. Rheumatic fever)
  5. Acute Disease
    Occurs suddenly and generally lasts a short period of time

    (exa. Flu)
  6. Chronic Disease
    Tend to be less severe (symptoms/onset), develop slowly and last long term

    (exa. COPD, Asthma)
  7. Local Disease
    Restricted to one specific body part

    (exa. Strep Throat)
  8. Integumentary System
    Contains skin and accessory organs (hair, nails, sweat glands, etc)

    Protects from infection/injury, Prevents water loss, and Regulates temperature
  9. Skeletal System
    Contains bones, cartilage, and ligaments

    Support, Protection, Movement, Blood cell production
  10. Respiratory System

    Exchange of CO2 for O
  11. Lymphatic System
    Lymph Nodes

    Immunity, Drainage of tissues
  12. Cardiovascular System
    Contains the heart, blood, and all blood vessels

    Pumps blood, Carries nutrients and waste
  13. Endocrine System

    Controls production and secretion of hormones
  14. Nervous System
    Contains the brian, spinal cord, and nerves

    Controls all body systems
  15. Urinary System
    Kidneys, Bladder, etc

    Rids body of nitrogenous waste, Maintains fluid balance
  16. Muscular System
    Contains all skeletal muscles

    Movement, Heat production, Support
  17. Digestive System
    Mouth, Stomach, Intestines, etc

    Breaks down food, Absorbs nutrients into the blood
  18. Reproductive System
    Testes/Ovaries, internal and external reproductive organs

    Production of egg/sperm, Fertilization and development of offspring
  19. Meningitis
    Inflamation of the Meninges (spine, brain)
  20. Pericarditis
    Inflamation of the Pericardium (heart)
  21. Pleurisy
    Infection of the pleura (lungs)
  22. Peritonitis
    Inflamation of the membranes of the abdominal cavity
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