A & P: Lymphatic & Immune Sys- Bk: The Language of Medicine (8th Ed.)

  1. What R stationary lymphatic tiss along the path of lymph vessels all over the body???
    "Lymph Nodes"
  2. What R large lymph vessels in the chest tht drains lymph from the lower part & left side of the body above the diagphragm???
    "Thoracic Duct"
  3. Which organ near the stomach tht produces, stores, & eliminates blood cells???
  4. What is mass of the lymphatic tiss in the Nasopharynx called???
  5. Name the organ in the mediastinum tht produces T Lymphocytes & helps in the immune response???
    "Thymus Gland"
  6. Name the Tiniest Lymph Vessels???
    "Lymph Capillaries"
  7. Name the "Large" lymph vessel n the chest tht drains lymph frm the UR quad of the bdy???
    "The Right Lymphatic Duct"
  8. Wht is the fluid tht's present bet. cells tht becomes Lymph as it enters the Lymph Capillaries???
    "Interstital Fluid"
  9. Inguinal Nodes R located in wht region of the bdy???
    "Groin Region"
  10. Axillary nodes R located in wht region of the bdy???
  11. Cervical nodes R located in wht region of the bdy???
    "Neck of the Bdy"
  12. Mediastinal nodes R located in wht region of the bdy???
    It's the region where the "Space is bet. the Lungs n the Chest"
  13. An immune response in which B cells transform in/2 plasma cells & secrete antibodies is called???
    "Humoreal Immunity"
  14. Lymphocytes, formed in the Thymus Gland, tht act on antigens r called???
    "T Cells"
  15. An immune response in which T Cells destroy antigens is called???
    "Cell-Mediated Immunity"
  16. Lymphocytes tht trasnform in/2 plasma cells & secrete antibodies r called???
    "B Cells"
  17. Name the cell tht originates from a "B lymphocyte" & secretes antibodies???
    "Plasma Cell"
  18. Large Phagocytes found in Lymph Nodes & other tiss's of the bdy r???
  19. T cell tht aids B cells in recognizing antigens is???
    "Helper T Cell"
  20. T cell tht inhibits the activity of B Lymphocytes R???
    "Suppressor T Cells"
  21. A cell tht specializes n Antigen presentation & destruction of anigens by T cells is called???
    "Dendritic Cell"
    "Antibodies: IgA, IgE, IgG, IgM, IgD"
  23. "TOXINS"
    "Poisons {Antigens}"
    "Lymphocyte tht aids B cells; also called T4 or CD4+ cell"
    "T cell lyphocytes tht inhibit the activity of B cell lymphocytes"
    "T lymphocytes tht directly kill foreign cells"
    "Transformed B cells tht secrete antibodies"
    "Antiviral proteins secreted by T cells"
  29. "Removal of the Spleen"
  30. "Enlargement of the Spleen"
  31. "Formation of Lymph"
  32. "Tumor of the Thymus Gland"
  33. "Inflammation of Lymphy Glands {Nodes}
  34. "Deficiency of Lymph Cells???"
  35. "Pertaining 2 Poision???"
  36. "Disease of Lymph glands {Nodes}???"
  37. "Wht syndrome is marked by the enlargement of the Spleen & is associated w/Anemia, Leukopenia, & Thrombocytopenia???"
  38. "An extraordinary hypersensitivity 2 a foreign protein; marked by Hypotension, Shock & Respiratory Distress is known as???"
  39. "An antigen capable of causing allergy (hypersensitivity) is an???"
  40. "A disorder in which the immune sys is suppressed by exposure 2 HIV???
  41. "The removal of a Mediastinal organ is a???"
  42. " A malignant tumor of Lymph Nodes & Spleen marked by the presence of Reed-Sternberg cells in Lymph Nodes is known as???
    "Hodgkin Disease"
  43. " Tiss tht produces lymphocytes--Spleen, Thymus, Tonsils, & Adenoids ???"
    "Lymphoid Organs"
  44. "The swelling of tisss due 2 Interstital fluid accumulation is called???"
  45. A malignant condition asociated w/AIDS {Bluish-red skin nodules appear}???
    "Kaposi Sarcoma"
  46. Human Immunodeficiency virus; the Retrovirus tht causes AIDS???
  47. White Blood Cells{WBC's} tht R destroyed by the AIDS virus???"
    "CD4+ cells"
  48. Pneumocystis pneumonia ht occurs in AIDS pt's???
  49. A group of infectioius diseases associated w/AIDS???
    "Opportunistic Infections"
  50. Measures the amt of HIV in blood???
    "Viral Load Test"
  51. Weight loss w/decreased muscular Strength, Appetite, & Mental Activity???
    "Wasting Syndrome"
  52. Drug used 2 treat AIDS by blocking the gwoth of HIV???
    "RT Inhibitor"
  53. Drug used 2 treat AIDS by blocking the production of a proteolytic enzyme???
    "Protease Inhibitor"
  54. "Use of a combination of drugs 2 treat AIDS???
  55. `
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