APU/Ignition/Hyd/PAX O2

  1. Primary function f the APU?
    Provide AC elect pwr
  2. Secondary function of APU?
    Pneumatic pwr for ATS and A/C packs
  3. What conditions will APU SOV close automatically?
    Fire detected, ECU will close SOV
  4. Amber SOV FAIL light on APU PWR FUEL switchlight indicate?
    Failed APU fuel feed SOV
  5. What indications seen when the START/STOP switch is pressed for APU start?
    • Amber START light in switch illum
    • APU START status msg appears
    • Prior to 60% RPM, START light & status msg goes out
  6. 4 indications seen when APU PWR FUEL switch is pushed?
    • APU IN BITE msg
    • APU SOV OPEN status msg
    • APU gauges appear
    • APU door opens
  7. Can APU supply bleed air to packs during climb phase of flight?
    • Only with bleed source selected to MANUAL
    • Limited to 25,000'
  8. APU starter limits?
    • 3 start attempts in 1 hour
    • 2 minutes between starts
  9. Type of fire protection fot APU?
    • Dual loop detecrion
    • One bottle for extinguishing
  10. Ingnition process?
    • Isol valve opens
    • FADEC opens starter valve on assoc eng
    • Bleed air routed to air turbine starter
    • White light illum in switchlight
    • ENGINE start status msgg
  11. Sequence when power lever advanced during start?
    • FADEC turns on ignition
    • Fuel introduced
    • Monitors engine lightoff
    • Controls eng accel
  12. With DC pwr only, which eng is started first?
    The right
  13. Above what RPM may starter not be engaged?
  14. When will FADEC auto abort the start?
    HOT or HUNG start
  15. When are both ignitions activated?
    • Stall warning computer trip point reached - FADEC activates both ignitions
    • Starting engine in flight
    • Manually selected
  16. rudder system powered by which hyd sys?
    All 3
  17. Describe the AUTO position on HYD 1,2,& 3B?
    Causes B pumps to operate when respective bus is powered & flaps not at 0*
  18. How many HYD pumps lost following eng fialure?
    1 - the engine driven pump
  19. HYD sys fluid cooled?
    Ram-air/oil heat exchanger (1&2)
  20. Purpose of HYD SOV switchlight(s) on overhead pnl?
    Closes respective HYD SOV w/out need to shutdown engine
  21. When will PAX O2 auto deploy?
    Cabin altitude > 14,000'
  22. What cabin alt does amber CABIN ALT caut activate?
    Cabin alt > 8,500' but < 10,000'
  23. When does RED CABIN ALT warning activate?
    cabin alt > 10,000'
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APU/Ignition/Hyd/PAX O2
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