Elite A 251-375

  1. jurisdiction
    the extent of authority or control; the right and power to interpret and apply the law
  2. impudent
    rude, shameless
  3. subterfuge
    a sneaky or devious method for avoiding difficulty or unpleasantness
  4. forensic
    related to the law or debate
  5. bravura
    a showy display
  6. toxic
    poisonous; dangerous
  7. choleric
    easily angered; bad-tempered
  8. edict
    an authoritative order issued publicly; a decree
  9. peccadillo
    a minor sin
  10. clairvoyant
    having the supposed power to see objects or events that cannot be perceived by the senses
  11. respite
    temporary relief
  12. hiatus
    an interruption in activity or progress
  13. instigate
    to stip up or arouse; to foment
  14. diction
    word choice in speech or writing; degree of clarity in speaking
  15. explicit
    fully revealed or made clear
  16. bow
    forward part of a ship; prow
  17. aftermath
    a result or consequence
  18. predominant
    surpassing all others; most common
  19. blunder
    to move carelessly
  20. foolhardy
    reckless; bold without
  21. abridge
    to reduce in scope
  22. histrionic
    overly dramatic, theatrical
  23. juggernaut
    a terrible, irresistible force
  24. ellipsis
    in a sentence, the omission of a word or words replaced by three periods
  25. saturnine
    of a gloomy temperament
  26. synthesis
    the combination of separate parts into a unified whole
  27. chimerical
    created by or as if by a fanciful imagination
  28. saturate
    to soak or fill to capacity
  29. jingoism
    an extreme patriotism
  30. abundant
    in great supply
  31. primeval
    relating to the beginnings of the first world ages
  32. apex
    the highest point
  33. sect
    a small group, esp. religious, united b a specific set of beliefs
  34. extradite
    to deliver someone to the authority of another government or jurisdiction
  35. serene
    calm and peaceful
  36. marquee
    a sign over the entrance to a public building
  37. parrot
    to blindly repeat or copy
  38. polemic
    a controversial argument, esp. attacking a particular opinion
  39. acquiesce
    to agree without protest
  40. extemporaneous
    done with little or no preparation
  41. warp
    to distort, as a twist or bend
  42. inherent
    included as an essential part; intrinsic
  43. ad hoc
    for a specific purpose and no other; improvised
  44. lugubrious
    sad or mournful, esp. in a way that seems exaggerated or ridiculous
  45. surmount
    to overcome; to climb to the top of
  46. consort
    to associate; to keep company
  47. sanguine
    optimistic, cheerful
  48. solemn
    serious; grave
  49. rebuff
    to refuse someone; to refect an offer
  50. mettle
    courage; strength of character
  51. derive
    to obtain from a specified source
  52. jaundice
    prejudice; bias; a yellowish discoloration of the skin
  53. eloquent
    articulate; convincing and effective in speech
  54. onerous
    burdensome, hard to bear
  55. stigma
    a sign of disgrace; a mark that lowers a reputation
  56. bilious
    bad-tempered; cross
  57. culpable
    deserving blame or punishment
  58. pilfer
    to steal a small amount
  59. rail
    to speak bitterly or reproachfully about
  60. clandestine
    done in secret, esp. to conceal something improper
  61. ulterior
    lying beyond what is evident, revealed or claimed
  62. mire
    a swamp or bog
  63. vigorous
  64. indict
    to formally accuse of criminal activity
  65. mammoth
    very large; of clumsy or unwieldy size
  66. scale
    to climb
  67. internecine
    pertaining to conflict within a group; mutually destructive
  68. innovative
    marked by a new or unusual way of doing things
  69. feisty
    irritable; quarrelsome; full of spirit
  70. estuary
    the part of a river that meets a sea
  71. odyssey
    a long, adventurous journey
  72. niche
    a place or situation suited for a person or thing; a recess in a wall
  73. gratuitous
    unnecessary or inappropriate
  74. saga
    a long prose narrative, oft. telling of adventure or heroism; a long, detailed report
  75. woebegone
    affected with great sadness, esp. as reflected in one's appearance
  76. regimen
    a set of rules, usually followed for therapeutic effect
  77. maxim
    a short saying expressing a general principle
  78. rear
    to raise children
  79. interdict
    to forbid or stop the activites or entry of
  80. intimate
    to make known subtly; to hint
  81. rural
    relating to the country or farming
  82. erode
    to wear away slowly
  83. haphazard
    mere chance; accident
  84. dissemble
    to deceive or conceal; to hide one's motives; to simulate
  85. constitute
    to make up the parts of; to compose
  86. clique
    exclusive group of people
  87. phlegmatic
    having a calm, sluggish temperament; unemotional
  88. mentor
    a counselor or teacher
  89. ingenious
    inventive, cunning, clever
  90. idiosyncrasy
    a particular, peculiar, or eccentric trait
  91. abolish
    to put to an end to
  92. gangly
    awkwardly tall
  93. brazen
    showing shameless, insolent boldness; made of brass
  94. lummox
    a clumsy person
  95. mausoleum
    a huge tomb
  96. persist
    to continue despite difficulty
  97. forage
    to search for food or provisions
  98. vernacular
    informal speech; native language
  99. subsidy
    monetary assistance
  100. extraneous
    not an essential part of; unimportant
  101. carcass
    the dead body of an animal, esp. one slaughtered for food
  102. amuch
    frenzied, esp. violently
  103. earshot
    the distance within which a sound can be heard
  104. quell
    to ease; to calm down
  105. dovetail
    to combine or interlock into a unified whole
  106. valiant
    courageous, brave, as in battle
  107. abdicate
    to willingly give up the position of king, queen, etc.; to choose not to fulfill a role or duty
  108. nimble
    fast and light in motion
  109. revere
    to honor
  110. segue
    an easy, effective, or uninterrupted transition
  111. revert
    to return to a former condition
  112. ersatz
    inferior imitation or substitute
  113. ineffable
    incapable of being expressed
  114. valedictory
    a farewell speech
  115. kindle
    to set on fire; ignite
  116. apt
    appropriate; having a natural tendency
  117. dappled
  118. retort
    to reply, esp. in a quick or witty manner
  119. sedentary
    sitting down most of the time
  120. endorse
    to give approval or support to
  121. sweltering
    oppressively hot and humid
  122. trek
    to travel or migrate, esp. slowly or with great difficulty
  123. ruminate
    to ponder at length
  124. belie
    to picture falsely; to contradict
  125. conspire
    to plan secretly together
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