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  1. Lts has how many ignitors?
  2. Lts ignitors are double or single pole?
  3. What must be done to ignitors before working on system?
    Ground to discharge
  4. How many different gearboxes are there for lts?
    3 - prop, bell 222 , astar
  5. Lts can be modulized into 3 sections, what are they?
    Accesory gearbox, compressor, combustion
  6. How many turbine stages does the lts have
  7. There are 2 different comp turbine wheels, explain difference?
    One is solid(bliss) and the other has removable blades
  8. Comp turbine wheel on lts with removable blades has to be checked often , how?
    Dial indicator to measure blade movement
  9. What failsafe does the lts have in case of bearing #3 failure?
    A cutter on the turbine that cuts a py blank and engine goes to flight idle
  10. Lts measures speeds using what?
    Monopole pickups
  11. Where is the mgt measured on the lts
    Station 4.5.1 -itt - just before the power turbine nozzle
  12. How many thermocouple harnesses on the lts?
    4 harnesses ? Each with a pair of probes. 5 is a mod
  13. What is unique about the lts mgt harness?
    Uses a junction box to connect the harness'
  14. What must be done to the junction box on lts before doing a resistance check?
    All wires disconnected
  15. Lts uses what kind of stall control?
    Modulator ring
  16. The lts modulator ring is open or closed when starting up?
  17. Lts anti ice is done how?
    P3 air blown through 4 struts in the inlet
  18. Anti ice is on or off when the system is de-energized?
  19. The lts fuel density adjustment is for what?
    Changing to different fuels
  20. Fcu is piggybacked on what in the lts
    Fuel pump
  21. What happens if the splined shaft is left out when installing fcu ?
    Engine will overspeed
  22. How is the nozzle spray checked on the lts?
    The whole manifold with all nozzles installed is tested at once
  23. What 2 inspections are done on the fuel manifold on the lts?
    .020" between manifold lines and a flatness check (also .020")
  24. What must be done after all filter changes? On lts
    Prime oil system. Dry motor engine till oil pressure shows steady
  25. #1 bearing description
    Ball/ thrust .. Forward of compressor
  26. #2 bearing desciption
    Roller bearing
  27. #3 bearing description
    Ball/ thrust - forward of power turbine (aft end of the PT shaft )
  28. How does the power get to agb?
    Through a coaxial shaft
  29. #2/3 bearing coking check , how is this done?
    Differential pressure testor
  30. How many chip detectors are in the accessory gearbox on the LTS101?
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