1. Cu baka!
    Hello! [Lit: "Be healthy."]
  2. Ge' et.
    Hi. (in return) [Lit: "Equally you."]
  3. Fijub!
    Good day!
  4. Fimaj!
    Good morning!
  5. Fiumaj
    ! Good evening!
  6. Fimoj!
    Good night.
  7. Upu va'!!
    Welcome! [Lit: "Come indeed"]
  8. Et ce od'ena?
    How are you? [Lit: "You are what-like"]
  9. Et ce odb'ena?
    How are you? [Lit: "You are in-what-situation."]
  10. At ce baka.
    I'm fine. [Lit: "I am well."]
  11. At ce fib'ena.
    I'm fine. [Lit: "I am in-good-situation."]
  12. At ce ficana.
    I'm fine. [Lit: "I am in-good-form."]
  13. Ev coni fipe?
    How are things? [Lit: "Are things going well?"]
  14. Yad fipe.
    Everything is going well.
  15. Et se oda'?
    How are you doing? [Lit: "You do how?"]
  16. At se fia'.
    I'm doing well. [Lit: "I do well."
  17. Vo' fia vo' fua.
    So-so. [Lit: "Not good not bad."]
  18. Naztwe!
    Thanks! [Lit: "It is appreciated."][naz = value]
  19. Atu ifca.
    You're welcome. [Lit: "It was a pleasure for me."]
  20. A' ev et?
    And you? [Lit: "And whether you?"]
  21. At ge' ce baka.
    I'm fine, too. [Lit: "I likewise am healthy."]
  22. Od ce joga?
    What's new. [Lit: What is new?"]
  23. 'Od.
  24. Eta tod ce od'ena?
    How is your family? [Lit: "You family is what-way?"]
  25. Ata tod ce ficana.
    My family is fine. [Lit: "My family is in good shape."]
  26. Cu baka!!
    Goodbye!, Farewell! [Lit: "Be healthy."]
  27. Ge' et!!
    Goodbye to you, too! [Lit: "Likewise you."]
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Common Mirad phrases used in conversation.