Hospital area abbreviations

  1. CCU
    coronary care unit; critical care unit(another name)

    Patients with severe cardiac (heart) complications are treated. Heart attacks, strokes, and patients reequiring cardia catheterization
  2. CS
    Central Supply

    medical equipment and supplies are maintained
  3. EENT
    eyes, ears, nose, and throat

    usually denotes a physician who specializes in EENT
  4. ER
    emergency room
  5. Gl lab
    gastrointestinal lab

    this lab deals with the stomach and both the small and large intestines
  6. lab
  7. MICU
    medical intensive care unit

    patients with severe illnesses are admitted: congestive heart failure, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, sepsis, unstable diabetes, and contagious diseases of a life-threatening nature
  8. NICU
    neuro intensive care unit; neonatal intensive care unit

    • newborn patients with complications, mostly respiratory are admitted
    • neuro intensive care unit deals mostly with accident victims
  9. OB-GYN
    obstetrics and gynecology or obstetrician gynecologist

    female patients with gynecological or obstetrical complaints or pregnancies
  10. OR
    operating room
  11. pedi
  12. PT
    physical therapy

    not to be confused with pt. which means patient
  13. RT
    respiratory therapy
  14. SICU
    surgical intensive care unit

    patients go who didn't recover well from anesthesia, severe trauma, transplants or heart bypasses
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