Gila River Interview

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  1. What do you know about Gila River?
    • Does not want to be known as a reservation, but rather a Community
    • It was established in 1859, and formally established by Congress in 1939
    • The 1st reservation founded in Arizona
    • Any tribal reservations are Sovereign nation
    • (meaning like their own country)
    • Has a tribal counsel composed of 17 counsel
    • members representing the local areas
    • Governor is William R. Rhodes
    • Birthplace and the home of the time of death of Ira Hayes, depicted in the photograph Raising the Flag on Iwo Jima in 1945
  2. Why do you want to be a firefighter? When did you decide on this career
    • Whenever I’m asked that question, I answer it with a question.
    • “Who doesn’t want to be a firefighter?” (Drive a big fire truck, spray water on everything, having the responsibility to be the hero; knowing that people are calling you for help when they feel they most need somebody)
    • To be part of a team oriented organization, that’s greater than 1 person It is a privilege to have a career where you want to go to work each and everyday
    • To constantly train because at anytime your life, your crew’s life, or any of the public’s life could be at stake; where your actions could determine the outcome
    • I can’t think of many careers that carry that type of commitment that will give you that ultimate feeling of self worth
    • When did I decide on this career (refer to 911)
  3. Gila River Demographics
    • Land area of 583 square miles
    • Population of approximately 11,257
    • Made up of 7 districts along the Gila River
    • Largest communities are Sacaton, Komatke, Santan,
    • and Blackwater
  4. Owns and/or operates:
    • 3 Casinos
    • Resort hotel
    • Spa
    • Equestrian center
    • 2 golf courses
    • Arts & crafts center
    • 2 tribal museums
    • NHRA certified race track
    • Race-car driving school
    • Racing-boat course
  5. Tribes:
    • Pima – Akimel O’Odham (O’Ofam)
    • “People of the river”
    • Known for advanced agricultural and engineer irrigation systems
    • Descended from the Ho-Ho Kam: 1 of the oldest known Native American tribes
    • Language: Pima
    • Maricopa – Pee Posh
    • From the Colorado river area an Southern California
    • Language: Yuman
  6. Stations
    • 421 Blackwater (green)423 Sacaton (green)
    • 423 Sacaton (green) Used to be Church street station (1 of oldest churches in AZ)
    • "Endless days. Sleepless nights"
    • 426 Komatke – passed Laveen by the Leequiva
    • Casino
    • 429 Admin – By Firebird Raceway; borders
    • District 6 in Chandler; Furture ladder
    • District 5 next up for a station because response time is to long; Future site of HAZMAT Team
    • Stations are Public Safety Buildings
  7. Largest communities
    • Sacaton
    • Komatke
    • Santan
    • Blackwater
  8. The community operates its own
    • Telecom company
    • Electric utility
    • Industrial park
    • Healthcare clinic
    • Publishes amonthly newspaper
  9. What is the job of a firefighter? And are you quailfied?
    • Life safety, Incident stabilization, and property conservation (book answer)
    • Serve the public the safest and best way you can anytime, anyplace, under any circumstance
    • YES I’M QUALIFIED; because I have proven what I can do under the harshest of circumstances
    • I have proven myself in the 15 years of Military service
    • I have proven my work ethic in EMT, Fire I & II, and voluntary time
    • I know the benefits of being a leader and a follower I can realize when I’m on the greener side
  10. What have you done to prepare for this position
    • CPR, HAZMAT, EMT, Fire I & II, ACLS courses
    • Learn the Fire service: Ride alongs, volunteer at events,
    • Stayed involved with local depts. activities and personnel
    • Maintained optimal Physical fitness
    • Maintained all certifications
    • Joined Glendale Crisis Response Team (give reason)
    • #1 thing I done is started reading the “Don’t sweat the small stuff” book series. Recommended read
  11. What are you bringing to the job
    • Maturity
    • The experience of being at the bottom (new comer) and working my way to the top (senior management)
    • Positive attitude of representing for the old dudes (physical fitness, experience under pressure, life skills)
    • 15+ years of difference experiences from different major organizations (Army, Corrections, Post office)
    • True meaning of Teamwork / Chemistry
    • The importance of being able to follow then lead
  12. Why do you want to work for Gila River Fire Dept.
    • I want to work for a full spectrum department located in the Phoenix Valley area, that is a value based organization.
    • The money is good, and the department is a community based organization with a rich history
    • Growing Dept. with many future opportunities
    • All companies are Ladder & Engine (extrication and ventilation gear)
    • Great all around experience
  13. What are your strengths? Weaknesses?
    • Weaknesses
    • Not accepting failure; Have a tenancy to over prepare (tunnel vision on specific task)
    • I’m getting old
    • Junk food junky (if I didn’t work out like I do, I’d be big as a house)
    • Strengths
    • Physical Fitness; I’m here to represent for the old dudes
    • Live experience
    • True meaning of team work/chemistry
    • Taking responsibility for all my action
  14. What are the attributes of a firefighter? What is the most important one to you?
    • Holding true to values and ethic
    • Reliability
    • Character
    • Integrity
    • Knowing your privleged to have people call on you in their most needed time
  15. How will I be successful during the academy
    • This (oral board) is personal;
    • I take that you would select me to be a part of your team.
    • Physically and mentally tough; able to go the distance, and motivate others to do the same
    • Also emphasize teamwork, team chemistry, and family
    • Ensure that I’m enjoying the time there and having fun
    • Brotherhood created by the experience
  16. What does character mean to you?
    • Character is what makes me.
    • What's inside my heart,
    • My values, ethics, & morals,
    • Doing the right thing when no one is looking
    • Doing the right thing thing with no expectation of being recognized for doing your job
    • L.D.R.S.H.I.P
    • How I view the world.
  17. Closing Remarks
    • When asked why I want to be a FF
    • Here is my selfish reason:
    • When you do acts of kindness out of your heart without any expectations of getting something in return; you get more out of it for yourself and for your soul than whoever is receiving whatever it is your giving (proven fact).
  18. Values
    • Respect each member as a professional
    • Be intolerant of negative behavior
    • Take responsibility for our own action or inaction
    • Recognize honest and sincere efforts Utilize consensus, when possible, for decision-making
    • Support employee and employer decisions
    • Demonstrate the highest level of pride and professionalism
  19. Gila River History
    • Peaceful Tribe
    • River was spreads across 5 miles in places
    • 1800's water was diverted; resulted in starvation
    • "Thrifty Gene" ability to store fat easier
    • Reason for bad diabetes
    • Just received the largest NA water rights settlements
  20. Services provided
    • Fire suppression
    • EMS
    • HAZMAT
    • Vehicle lockout service
    • Pest removal
    • Wildland
    • Has own dispatch system; not auto aid. Mutual aid
  21. Agreements with
    • Chandler
    • Sun Lakes
    • Maricopa
    • Casa Grande
  22. Hospital
    • Fire: Mercy Gilbert
    • EMS: Casa Grand
    • EMS is for profit
    • Fire is a municipality
    • Determines procedures
  23. Highways covered
    • I-10 Wild Pass exit to 387 Casa Grande exit
    • 587
    • 387
    • 87
    • Casa Blanca Rd
    • Riggs Rd
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