CompTIA Security +; 2-51

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  1. Hardware Encryption
    • Faster than Software Encryption
    • Available on computers using TPM
  2. Content Inspection
    Actively monitoring data streams in search of malicious code or behavior
  3. Elliptical curve
    • Cryptography Type
    • Same level of security as logartiths calculated against a finite field
    • Uses small key sizes and less computation resources
  4. SELinux
    • A trusted OS implementation
    • Prevents malicious or suspicious code from executing on Linux or Unix
  5. An IT adminstrator want to provide 250 staff with secure remote access to the corportate network. What BEST achieves this?
    VPN Concentrator
  6. Method to prvent ad-hoc configuration mistakes
    Implement a change management strategy
  7. Another name for a malicious attacker
    Black hat
  8. Example of requireing uses to have a password or 16 characters or more
    Password length requirements
  9. Which method of access, authentication and authorization is the most secure by default
  10. Best describes and intrusion prevention system
    A system that stops an attack in progress
  11. Which secruity practice should occurr initially in software development
    Secure code review
  12. Webmail is classified under which of the following cloud-based technologies
    Software as a Service (SaaS)
  13. Which of the following is Best used to prevent ARP poinsoning attackes across a network?
    VLAN segragation
  14. Small Company needs new expensive DB. Budget doesnt include purchase of additioanl servers or personell. Which solution would save money on hiring addtional personnel and minimze the footprint in current datacenter
    Software as a Service
  15. Programmer allocates 16 bytes for a string variable but does not adequately ensure that more than 16 bytes cannot be copied into the variable. This program may be vulnerable to which of the following attaches
    Buffer overflow
  16. An administrator who wishes to block all database ports at the firewall should include which of the following ports in the block list
  17. The server log shows 25 SSH logn session per hour.It is a large compay and admin does not know if this is normal or network attack. Where should admin look to determine if normal
    Baseline reporting
  18. Which of the following is a technique designed to obtain info from a specific person
    Spear phishing
  19. Which of the following is the primary difference between a virus and a worm
    worm is self-replicating
  20. Which of the following logical controls does a flood guard protect against
    SYN attacks
  21. In order to privde flexible working conditions, a company has decided to allow some employees remote access into corporte HQ. Which secrity technologies could be used to provide remote access
    • Firewall
    • VPN
  22. Which of the following asymmetric encryption keys is used to encrypt data to ensure only the intended recipient can decrypt the cipertext
  23. Which of the following malware types is an anitvirus scanner MOST unlikelyl to discover
    • Pharming
    • Logic bomb
  24. A thumbprint scanner is used to test which of teh following aspects of human authentication
    Something a user is
  25. The security admin want to ensure messages traveling between point A and point B are encrypted and authenticated. Which of the following accomplishes this task
  26. Which of the following is an unauthorized wireless router that allows access to a secure network
    Rogue access point
  27. Which of the following file transfer protocols is an extension of SSH
  28. Which of the following is used when performing a qualitative risk analysis
  29. Which of the following would allow traffic to be redirected through a malicious machine bysending false hardware address updates to a switch?
    ARP poisonin
  30. Which of the following protocols would an administrator MOST likely use to monitor the parameters of network devices
  31. A secruity administrator has been receiving support tickets for unwanted windowappearing on user's workstation. Which of the following can the administrator implement to help prevent this from happening?
    Pop-up blockers
  32. Which of the following may cause a user, connected to a NAC-enabled network, to not be prompted for credentials
    The user's PC is missing the authentication agent
  33. A network consists of various remote sites connect back to two main locations. Security Admin need to block TELNET into the network. Which, by default, would be the BEST choice to accomplish this goal?
    Block port 23 on the network firewall
  34. which of the following should be performed if a smatphone is lost to ensure no data can be retrieved from it?
    Remote wipe
  35. Which of the following identifies some of the running services on a system
    Determine open ports
  36. Which of the follwoing should be performed on a computer to protect the operating system from malicious software?
    • Disable unused services
    • Update HIPS signatures
  37. A security admin. wants to determine what data is allowed to be collected from users of the coporate internet-facing web application. Which of the following should be referenced
    Privacy policy
  38. Which of the following attackes is manifested as an embedded HTML image objecr or JavaScript image tag in an email
    Corss-site scription
  39. Upon investigation, an administrator finds a suspicious system-level kernel module which modifies file system operation. this is an example of which of the following
  40. which of the following would provide the MOST reliable proof that a datacenter was accessed at a certain time of day?
    Video surveillance
  41. An employee stores their list of passwords in a spreadsheet on their local desktop hard drive. Which of the following encryption types would protect this information from disclosure if lost or stolen?
    Mobile device
  42. Which of the follwoing is a detective security control?
  43. Centrally authenticating multiple systems and applications against federated user databases is an example of
    Single Sign-on
  44. Which of the following network devices would MOST likely be used to detect but not react to suspicious behavior on the network?
  45. Which of the following describes when forensic hashing should occur on a drive?
    Before and after the imaging process and then hash the forensic image
  46. Which of the follwoing attacks would password masking help mitigate?
    Shoulder surfing
  47. Whick of the following is a requirement when implement PKI if data loss is unaccptable
    Key escrow
  48. Whick of the follwoing would be implemented to allow access to services while segmenting access to the internal network
  49. Due to sensitive data concerns, a secruity admin has enacted a policy preventing the use of flash drives. Additionally, which of the following can the admin implement to reduce risk of data leakage?
    Enact a poicy banning users from brining personal music devices
  50. Which of the following has a programmer MOST likely failed to consider if a user entering improper input is able to crash a program?
    Error handling
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