Anatomy- Chapter 20

  1. Which of the four basic tissue types is blood?
    connective tissue
  2. What are the two basic components of blood?
    • formed elements
    • plasma
  3. Albumins
    osmotic pressure and transport insolube molecules
  4. Globulins
    Antibodies and transport insoluble molecules
  5. What do we call the percentage of whole blood contributed by formed elements ?
  6. What is the technical term for red blood cells?
  7. Describe the shape of erythrocytes
    bi-concave disc
  8. Why don't erythrocyte cells use oxygen or replicate themselves?
    • lack of mitochondria
    • lack of nucleus
  9. What do we call the small, enzyme containing membranous sacs that result from the fragmentation of megakaryocytes?
  10. What is the technical term for white blood cells?
  11. What kind of white blood cells are granular, have a multi-lobed nucleus, and are active phagocytes? Image Upload 1
  12. What kind of white blood cells are granular-- stained red-- have a bilobed nucleus and phagocytize compound that have reacted with antibodies as well as reducing inflammation?
    Image Upload 2
  13. What kind of white blood cells are granular -- stained purple-- and contain histamine and heparin that promote inflammation?Image Upload 3
  14. What kind of white blood cells are agranular, the largest of WBCs, have a kidney-bean shaped nucleus, and become macrophages outside the bloodstream?Image Upload 4
  15. What do we call the former monocytes that act as aggresive phagocytes, roam the body, and may attract other WBCs as well as fibrocytes that may isolate the infected area in scar tissue?
    free macrophages
  16. What do we call the aggresive phagocytic cells that are permanent residents of particular connective tissues?
    fixed macrophages
  17. What kind of white blood cells are agranular, have very little cytoplasm around a large nucleus, and are responsible for what is termed specific immunity?
  18. T- Cells
    attack foreign cells directly
  19. B- Cells
    produce antibodies to foreign cells
  20. Natural killer cells
    destroy abnormal tissues
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