SAT Vocabulary C 2

  1. collate (v)
    The copy guy at Al Hekma doesn't know how to collate papers.
    to compare carefully to learn the difference between the copiesl arrange pages in proper sequence
  2. color (v)
    The poor treatment of teachers by administration has colored their perspective of the entire region.
    to influence, affect, or alter
  3. compel (v)
    Harry compelled the goblin to take him to Bellatrix's vault by use of the Impirius curse.
    to uge forcefully or irresistibly
  4. complacent (adj)
    Wizards had growncomplacent over the peaceful years before Voldemort's return, and were not prepared to defend themselves.
    self-satisfied; self-important; content; smug
  5. concede (v)
    Ron would never concede defeat in his squabbles with Malfoy.
    accept; admit; allow; surrender
  6. conciliatory (adj)
    Dumbledore made numerous conciliatory attempts between Sirius and Snape, but they refused to cooperate.
    making peach, attempting to solve a dispute through goodwill
  7. condone (v)
    Dumbledore's refusal to stop Snape's bullying of students showed that he either condoned Snape's behavior or was giong senile.
    to excuse; to forgive an offence
  8. confound (v)
    The behavior of girls often confounded Harry when he started dating.
    to confuse; to mix up
  9. consonance (n)
    There shall be no consonance between Al Hekma and its Western teachers.
    There is a total consonance of views on that also.
    harmony; agreement
  10. conspicuous (adj)
    The Weasley family is rather conspicuous with its red hair.
    standing out very noticeably; obvious
  11. consummate (v)
    Following the consummation of final exams, most of the students graduated.
    to complete fully and perfectly
  12. contagion (n)
    Blood can be a very dangerous contagion, so you should always wear gloves when performing first aid.
    poison; disease spread by contact
  13. contend (v)
    The poor teachers had no idea the issues they would have to contend with at Al Hekma.
    to struggle and compete in a fight or competition
  14. contrite (adj)
    Even though he detested malfoy, Harry felt contrite after nearly killing hiim with the sectumsempra curse.
    feeling remorse or sorry for wrongdoing
  15. conundrum (n)
    Harry was left in quite a conundrum when Dumbledore died without telling him where to find all of the horcruxes.
    a puzzling question; a riddle
  16. convivial (adj)
    The school will have a convivial atmosphere as we get to the end of June.
    festive; fond of feasting
  17. copious (adj)
    Hermione had copious amounts of homework when she was taking every class available.
  18. cordial (adj)
    Mrs. Weasley always gave Harry and Hermione a cordial welcome to her home.
    sincere and warm
  19. corporeal (adj)
    When Harry was hit with the killing curse, he left the corporeal world, and was able to meet with Dumbledore.
    related to the body; material; physical
  20. corroborate (v)
    Ron was able to corroborate Harry's story that he was not in Hogmeade without permission, so he did not get in trouble.
    to confirm or to give support to a belief or a statement
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