Elite A 125-250

  1. facetious
    playfully humorous
  2. argot
    specialized vocabulary unique to a particular language
  3. elude
    to escape from, as by daring or skill; to escape the understanding of
  4. dessiccate
    to dry completely
  5. compass
    area; range; scope
  6. supersede
    to replace
  7. envelope
    to enclose or surround
  8. reticence
    the quality or state of being silent or uncommunicative
  9. mnemonic
    pertaining to or assisting the memory
  10. kindred
    related or similar in origin or nature
  11. verisimilitude
    resemblance to the truth
  12. gauche
    socially awkward
  13. sublime
    of high spiritual or moral worth
  14. intrepid
    bold; fearless
  15. reciprocate
    to give something in return
  16. prerogative
    an exclusive right or privilege, esp. one that is the result of heredity or official position
  17. recumbent
    lying down in a position of comfort
  18. scrutiny
    close examination; minute inspection; a careful watch
  19. windfall
    unexpected good fortune
  20. ensemble
    a group, esp. of performers, working as a unified whole
  21. fidelity
    strict faithfulness to vows or promises; exact
  22. nebulous
    unclear; vague
  23. impervious
  24. completely resistant to penetration; unaffected
  25. astute
    showing clever awareness, esp. with respect to one's own concerns
  26. breach
    some sort of violation; a gap
  27. hermetic
    completely sealed, esp. from entry or escape of air
  28. foster
    to bring up or nurture
  29. aesthetic
    relating to beauty
  30. duplicity
    deception; deceitfulness; double-dealing
  31. adage
    a familiar saying; proverb
  32. aptitude
    an inherent capacity for learning, understanding, or performing
  33. coddle
    to treat indulgently
  34. versatile
    competent in many things
  35. provure
    to obtain or acquire
  36. rote
    mechanical memorization, oft. without full understanding
  37. adulation
    excessive flattery or admiration
  38. discriminate
    to make clear distinction
  39. pedagogy
    the art or profession of teaching
  40. itinerant
    traveling from place to place, esp. for work
  41. incur
    to acquire or sustain something undesirable
  42. phenomenon
    an occurrence that can be perceived by the senses; a remarkable person or event
  43. civil
    observing accepted social customs; not rude
  44. accede
    to agree to something
  45. aloof
    distant or removed in attitude or manner
  46. superfluous
    unnecessary; extra
  47. facilitate
    to make easier
  48. caveat
    a warning
  49. imbue
    to inspire; to permeate; to fill with a mood or tone
  50. cajole
    to attempt to persuade with flattery or insincere talk
  51. shibboleth
    a custom or phrase distinctive of a particular group, class, etc.
  52. paradox
    a statement or situation that appears contradictory
  53. tepid
    moderately warm; lacking force or enthusiasm
  54. atrophy
    a wasting away, esp. of body tissue
  55. esteem
    high regard; respect

    to regard highly
  56. degenerate
    to decline to an inferior state, oft. in mental or moral quality
  57. efficacy
    the power to produce the desired effect
  58. capacious
    able to contain or hold much
  59. hegemony
    strong influnece; domination
  60. specious
    seeming to be truthful on the surface, but actually false
  61. approbation
    official approval
  62. loquacious
    very talkative
  63. bromide
    commonplace remark intended to clam; platitude
  64. heterogeneous
    not similar; very different; mixed together
  65. temerity
    willingness to do or say something that shocks or upsets people
  66. facile
    with effortless ease; without proper care; superficial
  67. affliction
    pain; suffering; anything causing pain
  68. cosmopolitan
    having worldwide scope; so sophisticated as to be at home in all parts of the world
  69. pristine
    remaining in a pure state
  70. audacious
    fearlessly, often recklessly bold; insolent
  71. distend
    to stretch out; to expand
  72. forebear
    a person from whom one is descended; an ancestor
  73. entail
    to have as a necessary result
  74. rue
    to regret
  75. enormity
    great wickedness; an evil act
  76. avocation
    a hobby
  77. equivocal
    capable of multiple interpretations; unclear
  78. heed
    to pay attention to
  79. ramification
    a development or consequence resulting from a course of action
  80. eclipse
    to overshadow
  81. imperative
    urgently necessary; impossible to deter or evade
  82. germane
    fitting and appropriate
  83. wane
    to decrease; lessen
  84. mundane
    typical of this world; commonplace
  85. gist
    the main objective, or point
  86. ambivalence
    simultaneous existence of opposing feelings; uncertainty as to what to do
  87. rococo
    elaborate or overdone
  88. relish
    to enjoy
  89. eclectic
    composed of materials from various sources
  90. progenitor
    a direct ancestor
  91. vagary
    an erratic notion or action
  92. recount
    to tell in detail
  93. arduous
    difficult; laborious
  94. incessant
    never pausing; continuous; without a stop
  95. balk
    to stop short and refuse to continue
  96. adept
    very skilled, esp. natural talent improved by practice
  97. parochial
    resricted; limited; narrow; local
  98. relegate
    to assign to an obscure place
  99. proficient
    very skillful, esp. through training
  100. innate
    possessed at birth; inborn
  101. nuance
    variation of meaning; subtlety
  102. nadir
    the lowest point; the bottom
  103. neophyte
    a beginner; an immature person who is learning
  104. exacerbate
    to make more violent, bitter, or severe
  105. curtail
    to cut short, abbreviate
  106. exigent
    requiring immediate action
  107. periphery
    a boundary line; perimeter; an outside surface
  108. affinity
    a natural attracton or feeling of kinship; an inherent similarity
  109. propituous
    presenting favorable circumstances
  110. congenital
    present since birth; being an essential characterisitic
  111. acclaim
    to praise enthusiastically, esp. publicly
  112. fluster
    to make nervous or upset
  113. aspiration
    a strong desire for achievement
  114. precis
    a concise summary of a text
  115. commiserate
    to express sympathy
  116. onus
    an unpleasant task or duty; a burden or obligation
  117. procrastinate
    to delay; to put off
  118. denouement
  119. pique
    to arouse
  120. warrant
    to justifiy or deserve
  121. intrinsic
    relating to the essential nature or a somethign
  122. generic
    without a trademark; general
  123. empirical
    based on experience rather than a theorybased on experience rather than a theory
  124. erudite
  125. proliferate
    to grow or reproduce rapidly
  126. cliche
    an overused expression
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