1. Put a cap on STH
    • We need to put a cap on spending in every department.
    • to put a limit on STH
  2. Put a damper on SO
    • The things happened last night put a dumper on Erika.
    • to have a dulling or numbing influence on something
    • dulling: not interesting, numbing:unable to think, feel…
  3. put a hold on STH
    • The bank put a hold on my credit card until I paid my bill.
    • to place a restriction on STH so that it is reserved, delayed, or inactivated
  4. put a lid on it!/put a sock in it!
    stop talking & shut up (less offensive way to say shut up)
  5. put a spin on STH
    • The mayor tried to put a positive spin on the damaging polls.
    • to twist a report or story to one's advantage
  6. put a stop to STH
    bring STH to an end
  7. put an end to STH
    Please put an end to this conversation
  8. put a strain on SO/STH
    • All this bad economic news puts a strain on everyone's nerves.
    • to burden or overload on SO/STH
  9. put all one's eggs in one basket
    • Don't invest all your money in one company. Never put all your eggs in one basket.
    • to make everything dependent on only one thing
  10. put an animal down
    • We put down our old dog last year.
    • to euthanize
  11. put an animal out
    • Did you put the cat out? Yes, I put out the cat.
    • to take one's pet out for pee, walk..
  12. put'em up
    hands up!
  13. put'er there
    ask SO to give their hand for shake hands
  14. put hair on SO's chest
    • Drink milk, it can put hair on your chest
    • make you powerful, stronger, healty (phisically)
  15. put ideas into SO's head
    • Bill keeps getting into trouble. Please don't put ideas into his head.
    • to suggest something-usually something bad-to someone
  16. put in a good word for SO
    • I'm applying for a job in your office. Could you put in a good word for me with your boss?
    • to try to help someone achieve something by saying good things about them to someone with influence
  17. put in a hard days at work
    • I put in a hard day at work at the office, and now I want to be left alone to rest.
    • to work very hard at one's job.
  18. put off by SO/STH
    • repel;if STH repels you, you dislike it and want to avoid it.
    • The positive electrical charges repel eachother. (magnet)
  19. put on
    to pretend
  20. put on a front
    • He hasn't shown any signs of grief over his father's death, but I'm sure he's just putting on a front.
    • to pretend to be strong and not scared while you're actually not
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