Med. Term. Ch. 11; "Words from Packet"

  1. angiogram
    record (x-ray) of a blood vessel
  2. angioplasty
    surgical repair of a blood vessel
  3. aortic stenosis
    narrowing of the aorta
  4. arteriosclerosis
    hardening of arteries
  5. arterial anastomosis
    surgical connection between arteries
  6. arteriography
    process of recording (x-ray) arteries after injecting contrast material
  7. endarterectomy
    removal of the inner lining of the artery (when it is filled with plaque)
  8. atheroma
    collection of fatty material in an artery
  9. atherosclerosis
    hardening of arteries with deposit of fatty substance
  10. atherectomy
    removal of a fatty mass in a vessel
  11. atrial
    pertaining to an upper chamber of the heart
  12. atrioventricular
    pertaining to an atrium and ventricle (upper and lower chambers of the heart)
  13. brachial artery
    artery that branches from the aorta to bring blood to the arm
  14. cardiomegaly
    enlargement of the heart
  15. cardiomyopathy
    disease of heart muscle
  16. bradycardia
    condition of slow heartbeat
  17. tachycardia
    condition of fast heartbeat
  18. cardiogenic shock
    abnormal condition often associated with the heart's failure to pump adequately
  19. hypercholesterolemia
    condition of excessive cholesterol in the blood
  20. coronary arteries
    arteries branch from the aorta to bring oxygen-rich blood to the heart muscle
  21. cyanosis
    abnormal condition of bluish discoloration due to poor oxygenation of blood
  22. myxoma
    benign tumor of the heart (myx/o = mucus). the tumor is embedded in soft mucoid stromal tissue.
  23. hypoxia
    condition of decreased oxygen in inspired air, as occurs in high altitudes
  24. pericardiocentesis
    surgical puncture of the membrane surrounding the heart (to remove fluid)
  25. phlebotomy
    incision of vein
  26. thrombophlebitis
    inflammation of a vein with clots
  27. sphygmomanometer
    instrument to measure blood pressure
  28. stethoscope
    instrument to examine the chest
  29. thrombolysis
    destruction of clots
  30. valvuloplasty
    surgical repair of a valve (within the heart)
  31. mitral valvulitis
    inflammation of the mitral valve
  32. valvotomy
    incision of a valve
  33. vasoconstriction
    narrowing of vessels
  34. vasodilation
    widening of vessels
  35. vascular
    pertaining to blood vessels
  36. venous
    pertaining to veins
  37. venipuncture
    incision of a vein for phlebotomy or to start an intravenous infusion
  38. interventricular septum
    the wall seperating the ventricles of the heart (lower chambers).
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Med. Term. Ch. 11; "Words from Packet"
Med. Term. Ch. 11; "Words from Packet"