CAMRA Low and Steep Angle

  1. What is a brake mule?
    A person who assists with the rate and stability of descent. This could be a dynamic belay or physical contact with litter.
  2. What defines flat angle?
    0-15 degree
  3. What defines low angle?
    15 - 40 degree
  4. What defines steep angle?
    40 - 60 degree
  5. What defines high angle?
    Greater than 60 degree
  6. What is the difference between a litter bearer and a litter attendant?
    attendants are tied into litter.
  7. How are litter attendants connected to litter?
    Side attendants girth hitch prussik to litter and clip into harness, then prussik hitch into tail of bowline and clip into harness. Foot attendant girth hitches two prussiks into the litter.
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