Clin1 Brain

  1. What is the primary motor area in the brain?
    Frontal lobe
  2. What is the primary sensory area in the brain?
    Parietal lobe (posterior to frontal lobe)
  3. What makes "grey matter" of the brain grey?
    Unmylenated nerve cell bodies are grey
  4. What is the relay station for motor impulses?
    • Basal Ganglia
    • Can inhibit motor function by secreting dopamine
  5. Anything with "thalamus" in the name is part of the...
  6. What receives sensory impulses and channels them to appropriate regions of the cortex for interpretation?
  7. The medulla oblongata (part of the brain stem) contains what three centers?
    • Cardiac center: controls heart rate
    • Vasomotor center: alters blood pressure by controlling dilation and constriction of blood vessels
    • Respiratory center: regulates rate, rhythm and depth of breathing
  8. Each spinal nerve is formed by the mergins of what two roots?
    • Dorsal root: sensory (pain in the butt)
    • Ventral root: motor (engine is in the front)
  9. The posterior branch (dorsal ramus) innervates what?
    Muscles and skin of the back
  10. The anterior branch (ventral ramus) innervates what?
    • Muscles and skin of the anterior and lateral aspect of the trunk
    • Upper and lower limbs
  11. Do the rami of the thoracic spinal nerves form plexuses?
    • Nope.
    • They travel between ribs (intercostal spaces) where they are called intercostal nerves.
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