more random questions from the -1

  1. how long does it take for the main landing gear to extend or retract
    19 sec or less
  2. each pair of struts is raised and lowered in ____ ____ by means of ____ ____ connected by ____ _____ wich are driven by their respective hydraulic motor through a gearbox.
    • vertical tracks
    • ball screw
    • torque shafts
  3. how is the MLG brake released
    • hyrdaulically by application of pressure
    • or
    • mechanically by use of the emerg engaging handle.
  4. what is the handle next to the co-pilots seat for releasing the nose wheel
    Nose gear Emerg release handle
  5. what is the name is the pannel for the co-pilot to isolate the barke/radar & the elevator/rudder
    Utility HYD PWR ISLN pannel
  6. how long to extend flaps?
    to retract?
    • 8-15
    • 10-15
  7. with flaps fully extended, what is the angle formed
    35 deg
  8. how are the flap brakes released?
    by Hydro pressure
  9. how are the emerg flap brakes engaged? HYDRO or Mech
  10. at what temp does the bleed air switch for the aft scanner couch shut off?
    re open?
    • 180 deg
    • 140 deg
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more random questions from the -1