GRE Suffixes

  1. -able, -ble
    able, capable

    acceptable- able to be accepted
  2. -acious, -cious
    characterized by, having the qualities of.

    fallacious- having the qualities of a fallacy.
  3. -age
    sum, total

    milage- total miles traveled
  4. -al
    of, like, suitable for

    theatrical- of the theater
  5. -ance -ancy
    act or state of

    disturbance- act of disturbing
  6. -ant, -ent
    one who

    defendant- one who defends himself
  7. -ary, -ar
    having the nature of, concerning

    military, relating to soldiers
  8. -cy
    act, state, or position of

    presidency- position of president
  9. -dom
    state, rank, that which belongs to

    wisdom- state of being wise
  10. -ence
    act, state, quality of

    dependence- state of depending
  11. -er, -or
    one who, that which

    doer, one who does
  12. -escent

    obsolescent- becoming obsolete
  13. -fy
    to make

    pacify- make peaceful
  14. -ic, - ac
    of, like

    demonic- of a demon
  15. -il, -ile
    having to do with, like, suitable for

    • civil-having to do with citizens
    • tactile- having to do with touch
  16. -ion
    act of, or condition of

    operation- act of operating
  17. -ious
    having, characterized by

    • axious- having anxiety
    • nauxious- making sick
  18. -ish

    • foolish- somewhat a fool
    • squeamsih- somewhat sick
  19. -ism
    belief or practice of

    Protastantism- practice of being a protastant
  20. -ist
    one who does, makes or is concerned with

    Scienctist- one concerned with science
  21. -ity, -ty, -y
    state of being

    • amity- friendship
    • jealousy- sate of being jealous
  22. -ive
    relating to, tending to

    destructive- tends to destroy
  23. -logue, -loquy
    speech or writing

    • monologue- one person speaking
    • colloquy- conversation
  24. -logy
    study of
  25. -ment
    state of

    abandonment- act of being abandoned
  26. -mony
    a resulting thing, condition, or state

    patrimony- trait inherited from the father
  27. -ness

    kindness- the quality of being kind
  28. -ory
    having the quality of; place or thing for

    • compensatory- having the quality of a compensation
    • lavortory- a place for washing
  29. -ous, -ose
    full of, having

    glamorous- full of glamor
  30. -ship

    horesmanship- one skilled with horses
  31. -some
    full of

    frolicsome- full of play
  32. - tide
    state or quality of

    recited- state of being morally upright
  33. -ward
    in the direction of (action)

    upward- moving in the up direction
  34. -y
    full of, somewhat

    wily-full of wiles
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