1. Treaty of Waitangi made what a British Colony
    New Zealand
  2. Settled US-UK disputes after Revolutionary war
    Jay's treaty
  3. Treaty of Dover
    Charles II-Louis XIV, assist conquest of Dutch Republic
  4. Ended first phase of the napolenoic wars
    Treaty of Campo Formio
  5. Treaty of London resotred pragmatic sanction where?
  6. What treaty restored pragmatic saction in Bavaria
    Treaty of London
  7. Treaty of London restored what in Bavaria?
    Pragmatic sanction
  8. What treaty was between Israel and Palestinian liberation organization
    Oslo Accords
  9. Oslo accords between Israel and what?
    Palistinaion Liberation organization
  10. London protocol made boundry of what country?
  11. What made the border of Greece?
    London Protocol
  12. Treaty of wesminster created what during George V's reign
    British Commonwealth
  13. During what kings reign was the british commonwealth made with the treaty of wesminster
    George V
  14. What treaty made the British Commonwealth
    Treaty of Westminster
  15. Treaty of Blois was between Elizabeth I, Catherie de Medici and who?
    Phillip II
  16. Treaty of Blois was between Elizabeth 1, who, and Phillip II?
    Catherine de Medici
  17. Treaty of Blois was between who, catherine de medici, and phillip II?
    Elizabeth I
  18. Treaty of Jam Zapolski ended what war?
    Ivan IV
  19. Which Tsar signed treaty of Jam Zapolski?
    Ivan IV
  20. First Peace of Thorn ended war between Poland and what?
    Teutonic Knights
  21. First peace of thorn ended war between Teutonic Knights and what?
    Polish Lithuanian Commanwealth
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