Research ch 6

  1. Collections of interrelated concepts that depict a piece of theory that is to be examined as the basis for research studies. These are the foundations that guide the research
    Theoretical frameworks
  2. The theoretical framework is assessed when reading research to determine the soundness of the following components:
    • Study design
    • Applicability of the findings
    • Potential value to the practice
  3. An abstract idea that is used to describe or identify phenomena
  4. A broad or high level concept that is often complex and abstract
  5. Clearly stated meanings of the abstract ideas or concepts used by a researcher in a study
    Conceptual definitions
  6. A definition of the relationships between and among concepts in a theory that are its foundation
    Relational statement
  7. A visualization of a grouping of phenomena involving more than one ceptual map in which interrelated phenomena are linked for broader interpretation
    Conceptual model
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Research ch 6
Research ch 6