Research ch 5

  1. A critical component of the research process that provides an in-depth analysis of recently published research findings in specifically identified areas of interest. The review informs the research question and guides development of the research plan.
    Literature review
  2. These add credence to the researchers assertions of the importance of the topic proposed for investigation.
    Literature reviews
  3. The _____ is the first step in evaluating the importance of a research question and potential methods for its study
    Literature review
  4. Published conceptual models, frameworks, and theories that provide a basis for the researchers belief system and for ways of thinking about the problem studied
    Theoretical literature
  5. Published works that demonstrate how theories apply to individual behavior or observed events
    Empirical literature
  6. A classic work of research literature that is more than 5 years old and is marked by its uniqueness and contribution to professional knowledge
    Seminal work
  7. The identification of search terms and search statements that will be used in the lit review
    Search strategy
  8. Words or phrases derived from elements in the problem statemtn, variables inthe research question, characteristics of the population interest, and the theoretical framework that are used to conduct the lit search
    Search terms
  9. Reports of original research authored by the researcher and published in a scholarly source such as a peer-reviewed research journal or scholarly book
    Primary sources
  10. Comments and summaries of multiple research studies on one topic such as systematic reviews, meta-analyses, and meta-syntheses, which are based on the secondary authors interpretation of the primary work
    Secondary sources
  11. Publication of material in a form that allows anyone to have free access to it
    Open access
  12. One of the hallmarks of research is peer review
  13. A way to measure quqality and impact of research by noting how often a researcher's articles are referred to in another researcher's work
    Citation analysis
  14. A way to measure quality and impact of research by calculating a ratio current citations of the journal to all the citations in the same time period
    Journal impact factor
  15. The competencies necessary to access, retrieve, and analyze research evidence for application to nursing practice
    Information literacy
  16. A literature search for EBP should be:
    • Focused on a clinical question
    • Limited to a time frame so the evidence is current
    • Applicable directly to nursing practice
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