Linux Tags

  1. (switch) ls -a
    Shows listing of all files including hidden files which begin with (.) such as .hiddenfile
  2. ls
    shows a listing of files in the current directory
  3. pwd
    (print working directory) shows you what directory you are in right now
  4. ls -l
    shows the directory with a lot of information
  5. ps
    reports the process status
  6. dpkg
    debian package manager installs packages on the debian distro
  7. chmod
    change the permissions on the file to determine who can read, write or execute the file
  8. (switch) chomod -v 777 test.txt
    the v is for verbose and will echo the changed permissions
  9. (switch) chmod -R 767 test.txt
    the R is for recursive and will change permissions for any directories and subdirectories
  10. clear
    clears the screen
  11. cp source dest
    copies a file and places the file in the destination
  12. (switch) cp -v source dest
    the v places it in verbose mode when it copies the source to the destination
  13. (switch) cp -i source dest
    the i places it in interactive mode and pr
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Linux Tags
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