Map Exam 3

  1. Singapore
    • With a population of 4.6 million people it is considered a city-state, making it the smallest and most urbanized of all Southeast Asia.
    • Only developed nation where ethnic Chinese constitute the majority of the population.
    • Functions as an entrepot for regional maritime trade.
    • Growth triangle
    • The pervasive role of government in economic and social planning has been the key to this country’s success.
  2. Malaysia
    • Spatially fragmented consisting of a more dense population on the peninsula and sparse population on the islands.
    • Evolved from an economy dependent on tine ore and rubber to one of the newly industrializing economies, whose leading exports are now manufactured products.
    • New Economic Policy
    • High middle income country.
    • Pinang island dominant in electronics
  3. Indonesia
    • The largest country in Southeast Asia
    • Lots of religious freedom0 ranging from Islam to Hindus to Protestants.
    • Government implemented a no coercive volunteer family program promoting the two-child family to help with population numbers.
    • Aimed at raising agricultural yields, adoption of hybrid rice seeds and fertilizers.
  4. Phillippines
    • Composed of 7000 islands, made must distinctive island because of its early colonization by Spain.
    • Economic growth was tired to agriculture
    • They have high unemployment and underemployment rates.
  5. Thailand
    • Geographic heart of MSEA, distinctive because it was never a Western Colonial possession.
    • Leader, king, possesses little politcal power but carries substatial moral influence.
    • Economic growth associated with export oriented manufacturing has been almost totally resticted to the capital region and EMR of Bangkok.
    • Salt water intrusion of freshwater; flood problems.
  6. Vietnam
    • Chinese cultural, social, and political influences have been significant.
    • Northern part is the traditional core whereas the south is more commercial oriented.
    • Doi moi- economic renovation
  7. Cambodia
    • Once a proud empire centered on the magnificent 12 century Hindu temple.
    • Khmer Rouge which isolated the country from the outside world resulted in starvation and the loss of 2 mil people.
    • One of three countries in the world hat account for 85% of unexploded land minds.
  8. Myanmar
    • Most resistant to the openness associated with globalization
    • Economy slowly dies besides their resource base of timber, rice, gems, gold, tin, and petroleum.
    • Dictatorship.
    • State-owned corporations control large slices of the economy
    • Oil and natural gas is the highest-calue export.
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