shosh: gram positive bacteria

  1. Listeria Monocytogenes
    • Gram positive bacillus
    • Catalase positive, motile at room temp
    • Beta hemolysis
    • Infects phagocytic cells
    • Transmitted through contaminated meat and dairy products
  2. Treat listeria with...
    Ampicillin or TMP/SMX
  3. Cause of bacteremia in pregnancy or granulomatous infantisepticum (also neonatal meningitis)
  4. Corynebacterium diptheriae
    • Non-motile gram positive rod
    • Secretes diptheria toxin which catalyzes ribosylation of EF-2, and is encoded for on a lysogenic phage
  5. Gray pseudomembrane on tonsils with lymphadenopathy
  6. Gram positive rod with metachromatic granules that stain with aniline dye
  7. Component of diphtheria vaccine
    Diphtheria toxoid
  8. Bacillus anthracis
    • Gram positive non-motile rod
    • Spore producing (lives in soil)
    • Capsule blocks phagocytosis and contains D-glutamate (peptide!)
  9. Px has papules that develop into ulcers with black, necrotic centers, and regional lymphadenopathy
  10. Px who works in wool industry has pulmonary hemorrhage--what's the mode of transmission of the bacterium?
    Inhalation of B. anthracis spores
  11. Bacillus cereus
    • Gram positive rod
    • Grows in cereal grains
    • Causes food poisoning
  12. Cause of spontaneous abortion
  13. C. perfringens
    • Gram positive spore-producing rod
    • Double zone of hemolysis on blood agar
    • Produces lecithinase, with lyses RBCs
    • Transmission through traumatic injury
    • Spores found in soil
  14. Gas gangrene
    C. perfringens (mediated by alpha toxin/lecithinase)
  15. Clinical manifestations of C. perfringens
    • Gas gangrene
    • Soft tissue infection (decubitus ulcers, perirectal abscess, stump infection)
    • Food poisoning
  16. Clostridium difficile
    • Gram positive spore-producing rod
    • Pseudomembranous colitis, after clindamycin or ampicillin treatment
    • Diagnose by detecting presence of toxin in stool
  17. Treatment for C. difficile
    Vancomycine or metronidazole
  18. Clostridium tetani
    • Gram positive spore-producing rod
    • Spores found in soil
    • Produces tetanospasmin, a plasmid encoded neurotoxin, which blocks release of inhibitory NTs, GABA and glycine, and causes spastic paralysis
  19. Component of tetanus vaccine
    Tetanus toxoid
  20. Clostridium botulinum
    • Gram positive spore-producing rod
    • Found in soil
    • Toxin blocks ACh release, causes flaccid paralysis
  21. Floppy baby syndrome
    Caused by ingestion of botulinum toxin in honey
  22. Gram positive catalase positive coagulase positive coccus
    Staph aureus
  23. Gram positive catalase positive coagulase negative novobiocin sensitive
    Staph epidermidis
  24. Gram positive catalase positive coagulase negative novobiocin resistant
    Staph saprophyticus
  25. Gram positive catalase negative coccus, green on blood agar (alpha), optochin sensitive, bile soluble, encapsulated
    Strep pneumonia
  26. Gram positive catalase negative coccus, green on blood agar (alpha), optochin resistant, no capsule
    Strep viridans (think cavities and subacute endocarditis)
  27. Gram positive catalase negative coccus, beta hemolytic, bacitracin sensitive
    Strep group A (pyogenes)
  28. Gram positive catalase negative coccus, beta hemolytic, bacitracin resistant
    Strep group B, agalactiae
  29. Gram positive catalase negative coccus, no hemolysis, can survive in hypertonic (6.5%) saline
    Strep group D, enterococci
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