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  1. Safety of a drug, based upon the 'effective' does and 'lethal' does of a drug is known as the drugs _________ ________, which is abbreviated _________.
    Therapeutic Index, TI
  2. What is the general rule regarding TI with regards to the safety of any drug?
    The lower the TI the more dangerous the drug.
  3. For therapeutic use, a drug must have a minimum TI of ____.
  4. What is the formula for figuring the TI of any drug?
  5. A drug name picked by a company, based upon the drug's compopsition is also knows as a __________ or _____________ drug name.
    generic, non-proprietary
  6. A drug name, picked by a company and if patented is also known as a _____, ______, or ______ name.
    brand, proprietary, trade
  7. How long does a patent last on a drug?
    17 years
  8. What does a patent do for a company?
    It allows them to own the drug formula
  9. A prescription drug is synonomous with a _____ drug, whereas a non-prescription drug is the same as an ______ drug.
    Legend, OTC
  10. Childprogg prescription containers became available in what year due to what act?
    1970, Poison prevention and packaging act.
  11. The comprehensive drug abuse prevention and control act of _______ created the ____ _____ _____ abbr _____.
    1970, Drug Enforcement Agency, DEA
  12. There are __ schedules of drugs, ___ are available for therapeutic use.
    5, 4
  13. What is the rule regarding the schedules of controlled substances and the potential of addiction to controlled substances?
    the lower the number, the higher the potential for addiction
  14. The insignia required on a manufacture's container that contains a controlled substance is the capital letter ___ with the corresponding schedule # expressed as a _______ ________.
    C, Roman numeral
  15. What classes or schedules of controlled substances can be purchased with the minimum requirement?
    III, IV, V
  16. For how long must all records be kept on file regarding controlled substances?
    Minimally 2 years.
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