Behavioral Mini 3

  1. In order to be classified as Anorexia, what does the weight have to be?
    85% of normal
  2. How many menstrual cycles must be missed in order to be qualified as anorexic
  3. What are the two types of anorexia?
    • restricitve
    • bing-puring
  4. What is characteristic of Anorexia Nervosa?
    • intense fear of weight gain
    • 85% of ideal body weight
    • 3 consecutive missed menstrual cycles
  5. In terms of body weight what is the difference between bulimia and anorexia?
    • bulimia--maintain mormal body weight
    • anorexia--85% body weight
  6. In terms of control, who is in control anorexic or bulimic pt?
  7. A binge but no purging behavior would be classified as what disorder?
  8. During what part of the sleep do night terrors occur?
    Stage 3-4
  9. what are the 2 stages of sleep?
    • Non-REM
    • REM
  10. What predominates in initiating sleep?
    Serotonergic influence
  11. What nt mediates REM?
  12. What nt decreases REM?
  13. What is the treatment for narcolepsy?
    amphetamines, modafinil
  14. What is the treatment for hypersomnia?
    amphetamines, non-amphetamines, SSRI
  15. Narcolepsy starts off with what stage of sleep?
  16. What sleeping disorder is characterized by sudden onset of cataplexy and REM sleep?
  17. What is Obstructive Sleep Apnea?
    • person stops breathing for 10 seconds repeatedly
    • airway obstruction WITH respiratory effort
  18. What is Central Sleep Apnea?
    person stops breathing for 10 minutes WITH NO respiratory effort
  19. What is the treatment for Sleep Apnea?
    • weightloss
    • nCPAP
    • surgery
  20. Sleep terror and nightmare disorders both occur during what Stage of sleep?
    Stage 3-4
  21. What is the difference between Nightmare and Night Terror?
    • Pt recalls Nightmare, occurs in 2nd half of sleep
    • Pt does not recall Night Terror , occurs in first third of sleep
  22. Does a pt recall a sleep walking event?
  23. Weight gain in women occurs untill what age? Men?
    • Women-60
    • Men-50
  24. Obesity is associated with what kinds of cancer in men?
    colon, rectal, prostate
  25. What are two pharmacologic agents used to control obestiy?
    • Orlistate--inhibits pancreatic lipase
    • Sibutramine--inhibits reuptake of serotonin and NE
  26. What is the difference between Malingering and factitious disorder?
    • Malingering is faking a disorder to get a secondary gain--money, sick day from work/school, obtaining drugs. It stops after the gain
    • Factitious disorder--faking a disorder to get a primary gain e.g sick role, everyone caring for them. It doesn't stop after the gain
  27. Munchausen's syndrome
    Chronic factitious disorder with multiple hospital admissions and willingness for invasive procedures
  28. Munchausen's syndrome by proxy
    illness in a child is caused by caregiver to assume the sick role by proxy. Form of child abuse
  29. What is the somatization disorder?
    • at least 4 symptoms over the years
    • 2 GI
    • 1 sexual
    • 1 Pseudoneurologic
  30. What are the personality traits that are sometimes seen with Somatization disorder?
    Paranoid, avoidant, obsessive-compulsive
  31. What is a conversion disorder?
    motor or sensory symptoms followed by a stimuli. pt is aware but indifferent towards symptoms "la belle indifference"
  32. What is "la belle indifference"
    being aware of but indifference towards symptoms
  33. What is hypochondriasis?
    preoccupation with and fear of having a serious illness despite medical evaluation and reassurance
  34. What is Body dysmorphic Disorder?
    preoccupation with a minor physical defect causing great emotional stress which leads to pt seeking plastic surgery
  35. What is pain disorder?
    chronic pain with no physical findings
  36. What is undifferentiated Somatoform Disorder?
    • -1 or more physical complaints that cannot be explained by a general medical condition that lasts at least 6 months
    • -symptoms is not intentionally produced
    • -symptoms cannot be explained by a mental disorder
  37. What is Somatoform Disorder NOS?
    symptoms are vague and cannot be explained by other somatoform disorders
  38. Which factitious disorder is not yet a DSM disorder?
    Munchausen's disorder by proxy
  39. What is the difference in terms of symptoms between Factitious disorder and Munchausen's disorder?
    And hospital visits?
    • Factitious disorder--psychological symptoms, little hospital visits
    • Munchausen's symptoms--physical symtptoms, frequent hospital visits
  40. Which axis of the DSM deals with Psychological factors affecting medical condition?
    Axis 3
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