Crim Law

  1. Common Law Homicide
    Murder is the unlawful killing of a human being with malice aforethought, which is evidenced by: intent to kill, intent to inflict great bodily harm, reckless indifference to an unjustified high risk to human life, and intent to commit a felony.
  2. Voluntary Manslaughter
    A killing that would otherwise be murder, but is distinguishable from murder by the existence of adequate provocation.
  3. Involuntary Manslaughter
    A defendant can be found guilty of involuntary manslaughter if he is criminally negligent in causing death, or the killing occurred while he was committing an unlawful act that is inherently dangerous.
  4. Legal Impossibility
    Legal impossibility exists when the act the defendant intends to accomplish is not proscribed by the criminal law, even though the defendant blieves it is illegal.
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