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  1. how does the three stage memory model flow?
    flows from sensory memory to short term and then to long term memory
  2. What is sensory memory?
    consists of set of registers where we temporary store incoming sensory information from the psysical environment untill we can attend to it. interpret it, and move it to the next stage of memory processing
  3. What is iconic memory?
    visual sensory register that horld an exact copy of the incoming visual input but only for a brief peried of time, less than 1 sec
  4. what is short term memory?
    memory stage witha small capacity 7+or-2 chucks and brief duration 30 seconds that we are consciously aware of in which we do our problem solving reasoning, and decisionmaking
  5. what is long term memory?
    memory stage in which informaition is stored from a long period of time and whose capacity is essantially unlimited.
  6. what are the 3 essential processes in our memory system?
    encoding, storage, and retrieval
  7. what is encoding?
    process of transfering information from 1 memroy stage to the next
  8. what is storage?
    process of maintaing information in a particular stage. Storage is temporary except for long term memory
  9. what is retrieval?
    process of bringing informaiton stored in long term memory to the conscious level in short term memory.
  10. what is the levels of processing theory?
    theory of information processing in memory that assumes that semontic processing, especially eleborative semantic processing, leads to better long term memory
  11. what arew the 3 general levels of processing?
    physical, aucaustic, and semontic
  12. what is the state dependent memory?
    long term memory retrival is best when a person physiological state at the time of encoding and retrival of informaition is the same
  13. what is explicit memory?
    long term memroy for factual knowlege and persnonal expericence
  14. what is somantic memory?
    expicit memory for factual knowlege
  15. what is episodic memory>
    explicit memory for personal experiences
  16. what is implicit memory?
    long term memory that influences our behavior but does not requiere conscious awareness or declarative statements
  17. what is the procedural memorie
    implicit memory for cognitive and motor tasks that have a physical procedural aspect to them.
  18. what is the primacy effect?
    the superior recall of the early protion of a list relative to the middle of the list in one trial free recall task
  19. what is the recency effect?
    superior recall of latter portion of list relative to the middle of the list in 1 trial free recall taskwha
  20. what is a false memory?
    an incaccurate memory that feels as reals as an accurate memory
  21. what is tertrieval reconstruciton guided by?
  22. what is a schema?
    frameworks for our knowledge about people, obects, events, and actions.
  23. what is source misattribution?
    attibuting a memory to the wrong source, resulting in a false memory
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